Thursday, October 16, 2008

Concerning Billboards

I was discussing Obama today with one of the coolest guys I met at the MSA camp and I brought up Obamas new strategy to appeal to younger voters - placing billboard ads in Video Games. I mean, marketers are increasingly turning to in game advertising as a means of connecting with the highly sought after 18 - 35 group.

So i was thinking - since this is all done on a rotational basis on Xbox Live, can you imagine a future where you are playing online in the late afternoon and you see something like this

Close up of my crappy Microsoft paint two minute jobby (I found the little stick guy online)

So chances are that it might not evoke behaviour change but at least its a reminder of sorts. Just a little nudge.



Khadija said...

:) Alot like the TV ads in saudia promoting salaah, have a look at them at the FB group:

But you're right, how effectual is it in evoking behaviour change? Like the anti-smoking campaign?

KiLLa said...


This post made my day..

My PSP should have..
"Musaafir's have concession"

Imagine u playinng GTA 4.. U take the girl to the room. Ad comes up..
"Zina is haraam"


These silly concepts rule.. keep it up

Anonymous said...


Shafinaaz Hassim said...

pink rules :P

Waseem said...

Imagine how impossible it would be to make an Islamic GTA, it would be so tough to make halaal rizq. You cant kill people, or rob banks ... hmmm ... maybe this is a post idea, but it wont be very GTAish.

A free world type Islamic game, who would buy that?

qk said...

Lol. Now you just have to pitch this idea to Microsoft or Sony, and tell them to release the new 'Halaal'games just before Ramadaan, and advertise in the Al-Ummah and MuslimWoman ;)

freelance hero said...

legend. i know of someone who wanted to make a racing video game thingie once..i shud find out wats his story. i have a sneaky feeling that billboard could b just the beginning.