Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singstar Nasheeds (Infomercial)

Are you tired of seeing your kids imitate the West? Is your daughter a Britney Spears Wannabe? Is your son tuned into Youtube and tuned out of Yusuf Islam? Do they spend hours every day playing violent video games that contain Haraam acts?

If so, You need Singstar Nasheeds!

Thats right Folks. The only Video Game endorsed by Shaikh Waja Mama Gaivyaa of the Muslim Judicial Council is finally here. Now you and your family can spend hours bonding and having halaal fun singing along to the greatest collection of Nasheeds in the whole Dunyaa. Learn about your deen as you try to sing along to hits like A is for Allah by Yusuf Islam and Ya Adheeman by Ahmed Bhukatir. Local Nasheed Superstars like Zain Bhikha also feature in this groundbreaking game available exclusively on Sony's Playstation 3 console.

Say Goodbye to Sam Boylan and Salaams To Sami Yusuf
Singstar Naath coming soon
Please Note - Certain Nasheeds do contain Musical Instruments.
This product is not for sale in Camperdown, Isipingo Hills or Stanger.

Was going to do my top twenty Nasheed list but I thought I'd have some fun and do a quick infomercial first. I know the box art is very sucky but I had to do it in Microsoft Paint as I have no idea how to use my photoshop! First thing you will notice is that Ive bumped up this tally to 20 nasheeds as i couldnt decide on just ten. I got into Nasheeds about ten years ago, and since then Ive co presented a Listener request show on radio, did some presenting at Muslim Concerts and I got a chance to perform a few nasheeds on stage as well. You can hear samples of most of the nasheeds on my list at The Nasheed Shop, so check it out if you get a chance. Lets get into the top 20.

20. Yusuf Islam - Tala Al Badru Alaina
19. Aashiq Al Rasul - Intercession
18. Nazeel Azami - Heart to Heart
17. Iman - Rope of allah
16. MPAC - Love of the Prophet
15. Noor - Salla Allahu Ala Muhammed
14. Kamal Uddin - His Name is Muhammed
13. Sami Yusuf - Allahu
12. Zain Bhikha - Cant Take it with You
11. Native Deen - Small Deeds
10. Ahmed Bhukatir - Zawjati
9. Dawud Wharnsby Ali - Sing Children of the World
8. Rayhan and Y Islam - Seal of the Prophets
7. Noor - All for You
6. Mohammad Al Husayan - Qasida Burdah
5. Native Deen - Intentions
4. Ahmed Bhukatir - Ya Adheema (Ahrakathna)
3. Zain Bhikha and Dawud - Allah Knows
2. Zain Bhikha - Praise to the Prophet (Our World Mix)
1. Native Deen and Zain Bhikha - Zamilooni

As always - You can agree or disagree with me - I dont mind at all :)
The Beard survives another week :)


Az said...

Ha ha ha....this is great...when I grow up I wanna be just like MJ!

Waseem said...

Good work on the cover, why the age restriction though?

I dont know enough to contribute, but I like Har waqt tasawar and Dar pe Bulaon Makki Madani, but those are naaths. Whats the difference, perhaps you can elucidate.

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

You forget that Stanger is really Azaadville-By-The-Sea:)

KiLLa said...

LoL @ azaadville comment.
U from there salz ??

Does "Mountains of Makkah" come on the bonus add-on cd :D

Hmmm.. Wats next...

Ever considered making a dance mat into a prayer mat.. And as the buttons come down u do the postures in order..

Game can be called "Perfect your salaah" ..

And SANHA can approve it also (might be more expensive)..

Just a thought..

P.S - I still want Bollywood Singstar.. Anyone knows where to find/if available.. pop me a mail


KiLLa said...

Screw Photoshop...

Long live MS Word..

Its for glorified facebookers, and graphic designers (and mac users)..

And graphic design is so not 'mentally challenging'..

KiLLa said...

i meant MS Paint.. not word

Zahera said...

Emjaaayyy dont you like Deenul Islam by Zain Bhikha? I was listening to it the other day and really though of you!
Wont diasgree with any of them since you know i have very similar taste in nasheeds to you.
Although my all time favs are Qaseeda Burda and Ahmed Bukhatir's YaAdheemun :-D

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

Sami Yusuf is cool (my fav..Ya Mustapha), but Im a fan of the kiddy nasheed artist Farhan Ali Qadri.. esp.Marhaba ya Mustapha and Hum Ko Bulana ya Rasulullah..

He's just a kiddo but totally wow.

oh and mini-mention to oWais Qadri :P

Nafisa said...

Lol! My mum in law has Singstar Bollywood.. imagine if it were sold here how it will fly off the shelves.

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

Nafisa, your mom-in-law is one of the coolest ppl i met out in Durbs :P
Yep. Quite fitting that she would have it ;)

bb_aisha said...

Cool idea-you'll get rich if you invent it & market it:-)

I'll do my top 20 list later-but it would include Palestine by 'Sound of Reason' qasidah burdah by mesut kertis, 'mercy like the rain' by shaam, 'just another day' by dawud wharnsby
oh there are too many

which reminds me -i must update nasheeds on my mixpod on my blog

bb_aisha said...
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M Junaid said...

Azra - Thanks :D

Waseem - for some reason, the PS3 version is 12+ while the PS2 ones were rated E for everyone except tone deaf people. I kept it for authenticity purposes. Owais Qadri and Muhammed rashid Azam are cool but they are going to appear in Singstar Naaths - coming soon to an Al Ansaar Foundation bookshop near you ;)

The difference is - Naath is a certain sub genre which has two conditions - A) Urdu, and B- it is a poem in praise of the prophet (peace and blessings upon him) nasheeds are more general. Nasheeds are pasta - naaths are spaghetti, or fettuccine. Have I elucidated sufficiently :)?

Saals - azaadville by the sea - sounds like Pick and Pay by the sea (we have a pick and Pay in Durban North :)

Killa - Better suited for wii. Because you cant do Rukhu with Dance mat - but cool idea. I specifically chose MJC because Shaik Ighsaan Hendricks who I respect immensely sits on the Religious Board of the 'Voice of Cape' and he is cool with music in Nasheeds.

Mountains of Mecca can be part of the hajj add on Bonus Cd :)

I think graphic design is tough hey

Zesticular fortitude - I like Deenul Islam and it made my top 30 but not top 20. Good thoughts I trust?

Kimya - my nephew sings Humko Bulana at the top of his voice

Nafisa - thats so cool! Hook Killa up please :) "Concerning MJ - bringing people together".

Beebs - Dawuds 'why are the drums so silent' is my number 21. I only remember Jon secadas Just another day - wasnt very nasheed like :P
Mesut Kurtis - cool music video but he sounds like a sami wannabe yeah.
I dont really like Sound of reason for some err reason.

nazjam said...

Zambilooni too low!

and u didnt put Firm Believer :( sniff sniff hehe

and what about MPAC? and OUTLANDISH? and Urfatuk - Muhammad al Husayan ?

Madina by Ashiqu e Rasool

and tala al badru by Khaleeel!

lol and for fun...Junaid Jamsheeet- mita mita and Inayet Petkar- oh OOOOLIVE TREEE hehe :P

M Junaid said...

make your own fucking list bitch :D

MPAC is there my man - Love of the prophet - Aashiq E rasool is there as well.

If I had to choose a Waahid track I really like it would be Rabbana. That track is gold. But not top twenty gold :) But dont worry - i'l still lie at every event I compere and go on about how much you guys rock ;)

Kaleels tala al badru Alaina is legendary but kudos to Yusuf Islam for reviving it - Can you remember it before his version? Before then it was sung by little girls beating on duffs in a town called yathrib - maybe you heard that story?

Inayet Petkar - He is on my list of 'Nasheeds that make one turn to 5 FM' :)

Zamilooni will remain at number one forever.. or at least till I release my own track :)

By the way - check out the sweet product placement on the box art

Muhammad said...

Hahhahahahhaa... Shaikh Waja Mama Gaivya! Hahahahhaha.

Dude. YOu sO ROck!