Friday, April 27, 2007

Concerning Kratos

I have just finished perhaps the best PS2 game ever made. Took me two days(nine and a half hours) to pace myself through the lush terrain of God of War 2. I think the last game that I played non stop from start to end has been Prince of Persia 3, almost a year and a half ago.

Well, where do I start – graphically, its head above shoulders over every single other ps2 game, and I dare say its prettier than many off my Xbox 360 games. The story line is well thought out wit a healthy dose off Greek mythology (people who got hard-ons watching 300 will love the Sparta shit. I enjoyed the interweaving off different mythological figures (from a young age I was interested in mythology, so it was cool to see Prometheus, Icarus, Zeus etc in polygonal beauty) I don’t want to give away any part off the story, needless to say that I found it to be a little predictable at places. The puzzles were well thought off and hardly as frustrating or painful as the first game ( some off the first game puzzles felt like humping a cheese grater) As for difficulty – well, I finished it on easy mode (or more affectionately known as pussy mode) and I tried playing it on Titan mode earlier tonight (needless to say I was violated in the ass repeatedly by large burly Cyclops's – I have much respect for anyone who can complete this game on Titan mode)
The last great PS2 game? Yeah – but if you are going to bow out of the race, I see no better swan song for the best selling console off all time, than God of War 2.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Concerning Hobbits

The title of my blog, Concerning MJ, is actually an adaptation of Tolkiens prologue chapter in The Lord Of The Rings (concerning Hobbits) I love the Lord Of The Rings immensely – both the book and the movie adaptations ( I did a parody of The Lord of the Rings last year during Ramadaan, probably one off the best pieces I wrote between Maghrib and Esha ( with a little coming in while I was standing for Taraweeh - hmm - need to bang out part two soon).
I even made ‘ziyarat’ to a few key movie locations when I was on Holiday in New Zealand. I should put some pics up – I went snowboarding on the mountain next to Mount Ruapehu (Mount Doom in the movie – almost broke my forearm – that’s one thing I’l never do again), I hiked across ‘Emyn Muil’, and even got a chance to visit Frodo’s House in Hobbiton. Some people go on Jamaat or go to Ajmer and what not – Me….. I go to bag End! I was also lucky enough to get an autographed box set of ‘The Special Extended Edition’ of the movies (about an hours worth of new footage in each movie – and its great stuff – normally in Directors cuts off movies, you get a gratuitious titty shot or some half assed extra song thrown in (like the Lion King two disc special) but the Extended Edition had so much good stuff (like porn without the lame story lines) Mouth of Sauron, Attacking the Corsairs, Sarumans death etc. The Two Towers is my favourite of the lot, and I guess an ideal date for me will be to cosy up with a loved one and watch it with them while eating a bowl of spicy pasta (Cheap as well : )

Here I am with my niece and nephew, at Bag End ( think back to the part where Gandalf knocks on Bilbo's door)