Thursday, May 10, 2012

Concerning Young Ones

There was a #sheistooyoung hashtag that was doing the rounds yesterday so I decided to join in - one of my tweets "if she doesn't remember Marlena being possessed by the devil in Days of our Lives" really took off and I got over 50 retweets on that (most I have ever received since my 'Yo Momma's iman is so weak the only time she says bismillah is when she is singing bohemian rhapsody') 

I then get a mention from trendsmap stating "MJ Khan, @concerningmj is now trending in South Africa.

Good stuff :)

Here are some of my #sheistooyoung tweets from last night. Will add more when I get a chance

if she still keeps half day fasts

if she carries a plastic money bag around on Eid Day

if she has a black 'jusdaan' embroided with little mirrors and gold thread

if she compares mendhi patterns with her cousins on Eid

Sheistooyoung if her first phone was not a Nokia 3310

if she calls it the Mr Price Pro instead of the Gunston 500

if she's never sent a 'Call Log on Mxit' Call Me text before

if her first Leon Schuster movie was Mr Bones

if the first time she watched Titanic was two weeks ago

if the first time she heard Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer was during a Castle Light ad.

if she never tasted Rascals or Perky Nana

if she never owned a childcraft and has used Wikipedia for every assignment

if she never owned shoes with flashing red lights on the heel

if she can't remember a time when Spur was not halaal

if her first books were written by JK Rowling and not Enid Blyton

if she has played 'angry birds' on her cellphone, but not 'Snake'

if she knows John Stamos from Glee, but not from Full House

if he never collected and built a glow in the dark Tyrannosaurus Rex

if she never had Scotts Emulsion.

Its quite a lot of fun - I'll be dumping a few more in the comments section. Do play along. I feel it works better if you're subtle. And please be original. MJ hates people passing off stuff as their own.