Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Concerning Johannesburg

I dont think I can live without my pc.

The xbox has been packed for days now, the wii for months (I think the wii knew I was moving to Johannesburg before I did) along with my tops, books and clean underwear. But I have yet to unplug my pc.

Its not like im working on a cure for the Aids virus or anything, and my blackberry does a decent job of retrieving my e-mail, but I love my pc.

If television is a window to the world, then a pc is a cobblestone pathway you can use to explore that world. Sure, you occasionally get malicious creatures who use that pathway to shit on your lawn (we call them viruses) but theres a conversation happening. Even now, as you read this, we are engaging on some level, and thats what fascinates me about new media. I was looking at TV's today, and theres a whole bunch of new ones that allow you to tweet using the TV. Thats a bit silly, but the option alone indicates that theres a perceived market for this. I was going through the 40 inch models (Tv's, not hamish sized people) and the salesperson came up to me and said "I know you'd like a few more inches" and instinctively I thought, "Thats what she said", but after that I was like "Does makro have a cctv in my shower?" I'm not sure if that would be good entertainment though - All I do is sing Taylor Swifts 'Love Story' and that 'you and me baby aint nothing but mammals' song really loudly.

I wouldnt want my tv to tweet every time I watch something. Its embarrassing if people knew how often I watch Superbad.

As I pack, I realise what a hoarder I am. I have a room full of stuff, but very little that I actually want to take. My life fits in 8 little cardboard boxes.

I'm anxious about moving. Often people will use the word anxious when they mean eager, and while I am eager, i'm also a little scared. You cant pack everything into a sunlight soap box (I dont know where Fayaz found them) But I am MJ Khan, and that means i'm always optimistic so i'm hoping the anxiety is purely due to how far all the food places are in Johannesburg.

I have this perception of Jozi (Its too early for me to refer to it as Jozi) one that is so often contradicted by friends I have made through the blogosphere, but it refuses to melt. I guess we are so used to the familiar, that its hard to change.

Two years ago I had a job interview at UJ, and while I love the campus (more specifically, the Communication and Media Studies department) I never thought I would leave Durban. And I dont think I would have now either, if it werent for Corpsekicker (insert brownie points here)

This week I take my second step, and while i'm a little scared, i'm also very excited. I guess the point of this blog is to inform all my Johannesburg friends that I am available for supper every weekday and there's no need to take out the good china. I'm interested in your food, and your mummy, not your crockery.

Everyone is welcome to my place for supper. I cannot assemble the tv unit on my own. Bring a coke and a screwdriver :)


p.s *I used the word Johannesburg five times in this post.

p.p.s *So lets do it like they do on the discovery channel