Friday, May 29, 2015

Concerning Haters

Maybe the haters aren't hating, and that's just something we say to dismiss constructive criticism? Maybe haters gonna hate because they know you're capable of so much more. Or maybe haters gonna hate, because that's what haters do?

I take my space seriously, doubly so as social media requires a level of professionalising - it's kinda different to other roles - no one who isn't a specialist really questions a chemical engineer (or an accountant for that matter). I sometimes come off as defensive or dismissive when people make suggestions, and it's never my intention. If I consider that it's enthusiasm towards shared success, it makes it easier for me to deal with.

I guess it's about finding the balance between being possessive and being indifferent.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Clash of Civilisations

What if the clash of civilizations was an internal struggle? What if peace simply stopped at making peace with oneself? Might be easier to cope with despondency, to rationalize hate. Hate from those you've never met, and those that share your beliefs. There's a problem when we frame beheadings as barbaric, but have no problem with drone attacks. Both are detestable. Both are worthy of contempt, outrage. 

I wonder what comes to your mind when you read 'beheadings'. Did you imagine Marie Antoinette, awaiting the guillotine, perhaps Ned Stark kneeling at King's Landing, or like me, you thought about the Egyptians, slaughtered by ISIS a few months ago. 

My fears are closer to home. I don't fear being attacked while I'm at the musjid, like so many in Pakistan do. I'm grateful for that. I fear smash and grabbers, robbers, remote jammers and a political machine twisted to protect one man, while being complicit in denying the rights of so many. 

I can switch on my playstation, and for a moment, make peace with the knotted, lashes of reality. Well, as long as loadshedding doesn't spoil my middle-class pleasures. It's hard to have faith in humanity. It's hard to imagine peace. Maybe I'll find peace in indifference. Or in the clutches of self-censorship, the force that compels me to wait before commenting, posting, committing. I haven't found peace elsewhere.