Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

As is tradition on my blog - another Birthday, another baby Pic. This was taken at my first birthday party. It displays irresponsible parenting as I seem to be waiting for Aunt to top me up with Creme Soda as opposed to drinking milk like an average kid.

I spent my birthday this year vacuuming the Musjid :)

Itikaf was awesome. My best yet. I'l blog about it this week

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed, called, smsed and left facebook wall posts

MJ is feeling Loved =)

I look like Saddam when they found him in the hole. But I'm not going to shave for a few more weeks. The Beard shall Prevail... for now
A blessed day to all.
i'm going to be the smiley old man
who shakes everybodies hand after Fajr

and i'l sit in the park
with my purple frock sweetheart
and we'l hold each other

tight tight tight

like the young lovers do
and maybe if i'm lucky
i'l grab her boob

Friday, September 19, 2008

Concerning Graphs

Ive changed alot in the past year.
Ive become more proactive, but at the same time more cynical. More reflective and more disconsolate. Parts of me matured, and yet other parts denigrated. As I read more, I became more despondent. I took on more responsibilities, and the economic imperatives that control our lives became so clear. Now apart from the price of a movie ticket, I know how much bread and milk costs. This might sound silly, but before this year I never worried about these things. I never appreciated the seemingly endless supply of it we had in our house. The amount of work my father had to do so that we would not go an afternoon hungry, let alone a day.
As I concentrated more and more on media issues (as opposed to the previous two years where all I looked at was Video Games), I could see how we were slowly destroying each other. Destroying ourselves. War was no longer an event, but now a state of mind. So much has happened since my last Ramadan, but at the same time I feel like i'm in a similar place. Running parallel I guess.
Theres a lot of things I want to mention about Ramadan so i'l just get into it, and i'l develop a flow later. Maybe.
Firstly - I used to never keep a beard before purely because I thought I was being a hypocrite if I did. I knew I was going to shave it anyway. But now I keep one in Ramadan. I'm going to shave it a few weeks, but I like that I have it now. Does it make me any less of a hypocrite? Well, my anons will probably answer that. So to the guys and girls that wear a beard and Hijab (hopefully not both on the same person) in ramadan - good for you. For those who keep it all year long, good for you. For those who dont, good for you. We all know why we do what we do. Heres a little graph I whipped up which kinda shows the beard/Hijab Ramadan phenomenon
As you can see - We start of with half the people wearing it, then by day ten or so, some of the guys are over it, and shave. (Most of the girls however tend to go the entire month if they have decided to wear Hijab, but this is my observation so please correct me if you think otherwise) and then it grows again until you hit a sharp decline on Eid day where it returns to a slightly higher number than at the beginning of the month.
OK, next up we have Taraweeh. I love the Taraweeh, and it is one of the highlights of ramadan, but at the same time I have some concerns.
1) The worst thing in the world is getting hit by a Taraweeh Burp. This is when some guy stuffs his face at iftar, and had gas during taraweeh. Instead of closing their dam mouth and letting it go through their nostrils, people burp and then blow it in your direction. As if they wanted it appraised or something. You'l be concentrating on your Taraweeh (which, lets face it, is tough enough as it is because many of us dont understand Arabic) and BAM, the guy next to you hits you with this Weapon of mass Disgust. Look, have some etiquette. The prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would have never done something like this. I love onions, but I have the decency and etiquette to brush my teeth before Esha so that I dont knock people out. Heres another thing - If you want to bring your kid to the musjid, you make him stand next to you so he doesnt create a racket in the back. From the time I was a child my father made me stand next to him, and i'l always be grateful for this. Now that i'm older, I still like standing next to him because he is my inspiration. Everytime I hear the Takbeer and I see him stand immediately, I realise that here is a 65 year old man that is standing, yet I am a 25 year old kid and i'm prolonging it slightly. I hope Allah gives him the strength to stand for many more years.
The next thing is the whole 8 Rakaat issue. Whats up with people only reading 8 these days? Heres jamiats newsletter concerning the matter, but something I havent noticed in any of the fatwas Ive read regarding this - is that if you read eight, you are not completing your quran. Its as simple as that folks. Since I had a graph for the Beard, heres a graph for taraweeh

First day - Huge crowd - because people want to know whether to fast the next day or not. The ramadan excitement is still there until about the tenth day or so, and then you see numbers dropping ( If Islam was ratings based - this is what we'd call a slump) Slowly it picks up as we enter the last ten nights and then Boom - the 27th Night and the Musjids are overflowing and there parking issues, and people are reading in the whudu Khana and you see Bob and you realise he is a Muslim and his real name is Bilal (you know how it is) and then it drops again until the 29th Night because people want to know whether Eid is the next day.

I'm so afraid of sounding preachy or condescending or anything like that. Its not my intention - I'm just writing about whats in my head.

On a final note, I have decided tonight that I would like to sit for Itikaf again, and as such I will be away from the blogs, email and facebook for ten days. I love sitting for Itikaf because it seems to capture my thinking at that time.This is the fourth year that I'm sitting for Sunnat itikaf, and I wish I get more chances. The first time I sat was in 1999 and I was at the age where i was fascinated with Major signs of Qiyamat, so I would read about Gog and Magog, and the Dabatul Ard, and Dajjal etc. After that when I sat for Itikaf I was into Islamic History. Last year I sat because I wanted to read Istikarah salaah for something that was on my mind. At this time I was interested in Tafseer and interpretation. This time, my reason for sitting is different, and I might blog about it at a later stage but for now, know that I am sitting so that I find some contentment of heart. If you can, Sit. I'm lucky that my students are on holiday next week so I only have to take one day off from work in order to sit.

Funny thing about Itikaf is that whenever I come out of it at the end, Everyone always tells me how much Noor I have on my face. I was in a building for ten days with no sunlight - what the hell do you expect?

Eid will either be on my birthday or the day after so lets see what happens. I wont get a chance to wish so Happy Birthday to Aasia, Pam and R. I hope you guys have an awesome day.

Please remember me in your duas, as I will you (everyone, not just those three)

MJ Khan

p.s - Will you anons give it a break on my chatbox please. At least wait till I get back so I can defend myself

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Concerning Sharks

My little sister got married last month:) So lets blog about it.

A Guy liked my sister last year - goes to Yemen to finish Hifz and learn Arabic. They keep in contact via facebook and sms. Comes back on a Wednesday. Comes home that night with an informal proposal. Says he wants to marry her in October and go back to Yemen. So we chat about it - figure why wait and prolong the inevitable - she was happy, he was a good guy. So we got them married a week later.

Now, to plan a wedding in a week is hectic. Luckily my dad is in the event coordination business so we didnt need to book anything. Alhumdullilah, it went very well, and they are very happy together - at the moment they are staying in a flat near spur but will go to Yemen after Ramadan. I think Yemen sucks so I wont visit them, however, they plan to move to Dubai next September so thats when i'l drop in :)

Heres some pics from the wedding

Dad outdid himself with the stageNot to mention the Ceiling - The sides of the hall were draped and we had lights hitting mirrors on each table

My niece and nephew walking down the Aisle before I walk sister down

My beautiful little sister Shakira and my bro in law Anwar - and it looks like a strand of my hair got caught in the scanner. Oh - The other guy is our friend Zaahid who reads my blog, so this ones for you bro

Big family Shot with Mums family. My brother is next to me - below him is my lovely nephew Muhammed AzamBig Sister and I very teary eyed after 'we gave the little one away (notice the tissues and bloodshot eyes. I dont usually cry - It a very rare thing. Even when I saw my sister hug everyone I just smiled and waited my turn. Until I held her and then I just broke down. I know everyone in the hall was like Woah! I guess it all happened so fast that it only struck me then.


Concerning E Cards

Inspired by Saaleha and Waseem, I have come up with a few cards of my own. Thanks to Waseem for hosting them on his blog.