Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i'm going to be the smiley old man
who shakes everybodies hand after Fajr

and i'l sit in the park
with my purple frock sweetheart
and we'l hold each other

tight tight tight

like the young lovers do
and maybe if i'm lucky
i'l grab her boob


Fatima said...


Anonymous said...

lol. This is such a sweet poem.

M Irfaan said...


M Junaid said...

Thanks :D
now i just need to find my purple dress, red hat wearing sweetheart :)

M Irfaan said...

i found mine. its a kind of magic.

M Junaid said...

theres a jenny joseph reference in there ;)
i can reveal that now as this post is no more on the main page

M Irfaan said...

to spend your money on satin candles when you've no butter. and slippers in the rain.

its nearly an ode made for me