Thursday, November 09, 2006

Concerning Theme Parks

I love theme Parks. Its a pity they all rip you off so badly. Theme Parks rule. I also love Water Parks - I try to visit a Water Park in every country I visit ( at least that's what I'm trying to do for the past few years. Didn't see any Water Parks in Saudi Arabia - I guess the Wahhabis discourage bikinis and boardshorts) so far the best I've been to is Waiwera in New Zealand and Wild Wadi in Dubai. Waiwera is a thermal resort, so when you leave the slide you fall into a pool of water that's about 35 degrees Celsius! Boy was I shocked the first time I hit the water. I felt like a frog being thrown into A pot. But once you go heated, cold water just doesn't cut it. The one in Singapore was cheap. Wild Wadi cost me like 200 rands.
We have a cool over priced water Park in Durban - uShaka Marine World. Its quite decent for a local Water park- a good selection of slides, next to a beautiful aquarium, and housed ina shopping complex that has KFC. What more can one ask for. However, ticket prices are steep, and it saddens me that locals (Durbanites) aren't given more discounts. We had an amazing water park in the Village Green area ( Now the site of the Suncoast casino) sadly this was destroyed in an effort to put all resources and revenue into the Ushaka project. The Old Waterworld rocked for two reasons. Firstly, it was relatively cheap, and second, they didn't give a shit about safety- the slides were more dangerous, they let you 'chain' and block the tube slides, you could braai on the grassy area. Aah. Good memories
If you wondering, that's my smaller sister and I standing at the entrance of the Cadbury Land castle, a theme Park within A theme park (its in Rainbows End in Auckland New Zealand) My nieces, Rumaysa and Moeena take up the rest of the picture