Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OK, So it turns out I'm Dead

Tonight we shot the first Werewolf attack scene. I was originally scripted to survive the attack but thats a bit implausible (assuming that an Indian werewolf is though) i like this look though - Ive got a Bill Weasley thing going on. Now to find that Fleur :D


Monday, March 16, 2009

Things I Heart (1) *

I Love Mondays because I get to play with my niece :D

This was taken at my sisters walima. While everyone was having tea, Zahraa and I sat in a corner and played video games


* Title inspired by Noorjehaan :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Few Observations

I think tow trucks are the vultures of the road.

You see them waiting in hotspots, hoping that someone crashes. I dont think anyone else thinks like that - except hot twenty year olds who marry old guys for their money.

I dont know who to vote for this year. I dislike DA for calling themselves the official opposition. Whats the implication there? That everyone else competing against the ANC isnt? Thats my biggest problem with the DA - everything is just too reactionary with them. While Im speaking politics - why is everyone so secretive about who they are going to vote for?

I dont see anything beneficial from Cope. In fact - I think this year im going to vote for Rajbansi. If anything - he is entertaining to listen to. I wasted my vote last time on SOPA, might as well waste it on MF.

The Muslim community in South Africa lost a great Champion this week with the death of Pat Poovilingam. The charismatic no bullshit political commentator. His pieces used to inspire me.

Coming back to Elections - so I see this group on Facebook called 1000 000 people against Zuma for President. Apart from the fact that it only has 7000 people who joined - how many of those people have registered to vote? I had a look at the wall - Just a bunch of racist idiots (yes - I just generalised)

Heroes has lost the plot. Its gone really dumb now. They should introduce a character with a pointless ability - like a guy who has a period and bleeds through his ass one a month. The problem with the fundamental structuring of such a show is that it is based on the assumption that all powers enhance a person... make them superior.

Whats up with everyone saying wow these days? So many people - im not sure whether they realise that they are doing it, but everyone just inserts a wow in conversation.

Seems like a lot of shit movies are coming out lately - but im looking forward to Wolverine, Harry Potter and Underworld. I wish they make a sequel to High School Musical, so I can boycott that too!

I'm only playing Resident Evil 5 and Super Mario Galaxy these days. I wish more wii games were like Super Mario Galaxy. Actually, I wish more games were like it. Its fun. I'm glad it won Game of the Year in 2007. Bioshock was amazing, and Call of Duty 4 was sublime.... but this is fun! Gaming choices is alot like choosing a girlfriend. The wii is the ugly girl with the wonderful personality. Theres quite a few of them around. The Playstation is the hot shallow chick who Killa writes about in his Daddy's Girl post. She looks pretty and she can do lots of things in bed - but no one cares. You like her because you think shes popular - meanwhile shes broken and bankrupt inside. and the Xbox is the moody bitch who is wonderful from time to time.

The Playstation 2 is the 39 year old Divorcee who just wants sex.

Ugly Girls deserve less Mehr *

I should do a gaming post - but not now - Now I'm going to kill some African Zombies in Resident evil 5. The game makes for an interesting debate about racism in gaming - i'l look into this in a future blog.


* But not less than the amount stipulated by
Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Concerning Werewolves 2

Just completed my second day on set for the Indian Werewolf movie that im acting in, and I must say - I'm exhausted. The movie is taking shape and I think it will be released around June. We were discussing it over Spur on Saturday night and Now I think the plan is to get it into the Durban Film Festival. Not because its a high calibre production or anything, but just because the free publicity would be awesome. I'm cheap like that :)

Tonight we filmed the 'big match' (The Man United Liverpool match where Neville first changes into the werewolf) The location was 'my house' (not my real house - my room was used for the first scene of the movie) and we had this thing where my mum is really hot.. yeah - basically I play a Stifler rip off.

Turns out I dont get a death scene because they want me in a sequel (like thats going to ever happen - although it would be cool if I had a Rob Shneider thing going on, and appeared as a cameo in every single movie Masood makes. Aargh what did I just type - I just wished to be like Rob Shneider - I take that back. Rob Shneider is as good as acting as a blind car Guard is at looking after my car.

Heres a picture of the bitches who get slaughtered tonight. Coolie Hulk to the left of me is the same guy that Waseem wrote about two years ago - The Survivor Dude. The Lead actor is to my right.

Im typing this blog so that when i'm older and I scroll through my archives i'l remember the time when I acted in my first and probably last movie :)


Monday, March 09, 2009

Concerning Movies (2008)

This post is dedicated to one of the anons who write in my chatbox. Ive decided to use the same categories as my 2007 recap. So lets see what won (OK - its no secret that I loved the Dark Knight and chances are - it would probably make a clean sweep of most of my categories - but ive conveniently left it out of Best sequel etc so that other movies can shine)

Fatz - this ones for you.

Best animated movie
Madagascar 2 - hands down. Kung Fu Panda wasnt too bad though.

Worst Animated Movie
Hang on! I cant think of any animated movies apart from those two that I listed - I didnt watch Wall- E or Space Chimps... but surely they made more than four animated movies last year? What have I missed out?

Best Bollywood Movie
Jodha Akbar

Best Adaptation
The Dark Knight

Best movie most people will overlook
Pineapple Express

Crappiest Sequel
Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor

Best Movie experience
Nothing stands out last year

Best Sequel
Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian

Most surprisingly awesome
Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure 3D

Worst movie Shiraz picked
Max Payne

Best Comedy
Step Brothers

Worst Adaptation
Max payne

Worst Popcorn

Best Popcorn
Cinema Nouveau Gateway

Worst Movie
Superhero Movie

Movie of the Year
The Dark Knight

The Top Ten Movies of Last Year in No specific Order

The Dark Knight
Step Brothers
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Get Smart
Vantage Point
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The Nicholas Cage award for crap acting
National Treasure 2


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Concerning Car Guards

One of the geriatric car guards popped in at my shop today and asked me if I could copy a dvd for him. So I asked him if it contained any copyright material and he said No, and that it was very special to him.

So I figured it was his Granddaughters Graduation or His Daughters Wedding Dvd or something like that.

A family had come in to buy a pair of Singstar Mikes so while they were going through the catalogue of titles I thought I'd pop it into the DVD player quickly and test the copy I made for him.

Turns out it was a Home Video of Two Guys Banging a Chick.