Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OK, So it turns out I'm Dead

Tonight we shot the first Werewolf attack scene. I was originally scripted to survive the attack but thats a bit implausible (assuming that an Indian werewolf is though) i like this look though - Ive got a Bill Weasley thing going on. Now to find that Fleur :D


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Concerning Werewolves 2

Just completed my second day on set for the Indian Werewolf movie that im acting in, and I must say - I'm exhausted. The movie is taking shape and I think it will be released around June. We were discussing it over Spur on Saturday night and Now I think the plan is to get it into the Durban Film Festival. Not because its a high calibre production or anything, but just because the free publicity would be awesome. I'm cheap like that :)

Tonight we filmed the 'big match' (The Man United Liverpool match where Neville first changes into the werewolf) The location was 'my house' (not my real house - my room was used for the first scene of the movie) and we had this thing where my mum is really hot.. yeah - basically I play a Stifler rip off.

Turns out I dont get a death scene because they want me in a sequel (like thats going to ever happen - although it would be cool if I had a Rob Shneider thing going on, and appeared as a cameo in every single movie Masood makes. Aargh what did I just type - I just wished to be like Rob Shneider - I take that back. Rob Shneider is as good as acting as a blind car Guard is at looking after my car.

Heres a picture of the bitches who get slaughtered tonight. Coolie Hulk to the left of me is the same guy that Waseem wrote about two years ago - The Survivor Dude. The Lead actor is to my right.

Im typing this blog so that when i'm older and I scroll through my archives i'l remember the time when I acted in my first and probably last movie :)