Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Social Media Day 2016

I spoke to the inimitable Sabera Sheik-Essop and everyone in Channel Islam International world about the future of social media. Check it out 



Concerning Proverbs

This resonated with me. 

Whether a nod and a sigh to power and narrative, or a knowing glance at entrenched patriarchy. The one issue though was it is framed as an African proverb. I hear about Swedish proverbs, Norwegian proverbs etc but I hardly read 'European proverbs.' This just plays into the 'Africa is a homogenous place where cultures, values and identities can be swapped easily. It's like when you travel overseas and after introducing yourself, someone says 'I know so-and-so in Nigeria. Do you know them?' Last month someone asked me earnestly if I was related to the new London mayor. Then again - maybe we should challenge the notion of balkanisation - the idea that nation-states are nothing more than social constructs, imposed upon us, fueled by nationalism and entitlement.

A third layer to this trifle is that perhaps we romanticise the construct of an African proverb - throw a lion in the mix and suddenly it's somewhat exotic, somewhat mysterious, somewhat simple...yet in the great urban/rural divide that is Africa and her people, Lions don't feature all that much in our daily lives (excluding the occasional rugby personality). I don't want this conjecture to soften the impact of the words, but I can 'have my cake and eat it' - European proverb.