Monday, May 23, 2011

Osama sings I get the Stekkies

This is a solidarity post in response to the unwarranted criticism that Riaad Moosa got for his 'Missing you video' (feat Simmi Areff) on LNN last week. I think Riaad is a fantastic role model for Islam and while the platform he is on isn’t dawah centric or oriented, he still gets to articulate a Muslim response that is lacking in our current media landscape. Three weeks ago he said that not all Muslims supported Osama and that many of us did not have an issue with him being killed, but rather, it was the manner in which it was done (no trial or anything) Which brings me to today’s post which is my first post in three months (married life is great)

The attack of the Indian werewolf has been a huge success, and I’m really thrilled with the reception and feedback that we have been getting on the Facebook fan page. One of the big hits from the movie has been the 'I get the Stekkies' song, so I was thinking, since I parody all these famous singers, why not parody a song from our movie.

Imagine if Osama bin Laden sang it. Best to have it playing in the background to get the tune.

I get the Virgins

I get the virgins, you get the nafs
I get the virgins, you get the nafs

I step in the mosque and they all look at me
But they don’t look at you
Because I’m the O.B
Overtop Ballie with a overtop whudu
I came with ghusl, there’s a bucket for you

Too many sunnats bra
Just reading over here
Got from fajr to asr, even before maghrib is near

Me I don’t whine, but Jihad is on decline
Jihad in the Balkans, Jihad in Palestine
Not much Jihad bah, I don't know what to do
But I outsource some to Hizbullah, here’s one for you bru

Americans try to find me, like a game of hide and seek
Someone come and get me, I need to take a leak
I don’t roll with Musharaf, I think he is a puppet
I only smaak the Taliban, because they tell the yanks to stuff it
With no signal in my cave, you think I will be stressing
When I get one bar of signal all I get are jumuah mubarak message

I get the virgins, you get the nafs
Don’t be upset akhi, just fill the safs
You get hidayat and all you do is sin
I get hidayat and all i do is win!

I got so many virgins ekse, I even got them picking my pomegranates
When my bras ask me why i fly planes, i say 'hey, virgins'
I get the virgins