Friday, May 14, 2010

The Top Ten Reasons Why The Soccer World Cup is Haraam.

10. The referee does not say Bismillah before blowing the opening whistle for kick off.

9. Shakira is singing the official song and not Junaid Jamshed.

8. The proposed Ashruf Ali Thanvi Eid Gah Stadium was turned down and Moses Mabhida was chosen instead.

7. The Soccer ball is not SANHA approved.

6. When you steal the ball by fouling you get a red card, but you do not get any lashes.

5. It is biased against Muslims because only one Muslim country is being represented. And they aren't even the ones who make sujood after every goal.

4. There is a possibility that you will be having fun and as you know, having fun is haraam.

3. It is sponsored by Greedy, Immoral capitalistic companies like Hyundai. (Toyota would have been ok because they make the Camry and the Corolla)

2. The Vuvuzela is the Shaitaani equivalent of the trumpet that Israfeel will blow on the day of Qiyamaat.

And the number one reason why the World Cup is haraam..

Hashim Amla does not play soccer.



Unknown said...


Waseem said...

I think Moulana Yunus Patel's list was funnier :D

I wonder what would have happened if Saudi Arabia was in this world cup, would it still be haraam? Maybe only haraam after the first round when they get eliminated.

The world cup is haraam because it is going to show explicit scenes of Bafana Bafana getting raped.

Khadija said...

Did you not know that irony is haraam! Shame on you MJ.

Prixie said...

Really can someone invent an ironic and/or sarcastic font?!

Waseem said...

where is my brilliant comment motha'ucka

Sofi said...

LOL, love it! #9 is my fav. but i detest jj after his comment to me at the GPU 2 yrs ago. the twat.

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

Dear Sir.

The Majlis is looking for a Snr Editor. Please apply asap.