Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Notorious 15 Rand Podcast

This is my first radio show - totally winged it - had no idea what I was goign to speak about until I walked into the studio and found a Souk Entertainment pamphlet - but thats how I roll :D

I havent edited the nasheeds out because I love love love Zamilooni - my favourite Nasheed and it makes me feel very romantic and fuzzy and happy and stuff :)

Dont forget to listen out for the crazy chick that goes on about R15. My show is an hour .. err, not that those two are related in anyway.

Hardly any callers - perhaps because it was my first show - but I promise the next podcast will have lots of people calling in as anonymous and bitching (subsequently it was a follow up show to this one :)


You can download the podcast from here or if you like - here it is

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