Friday, January 08, 2010

My First Podcast

One of my radio shows on Radio al Ansaar - I have a weekly slot on a local Community radio station - There is no theme per se - I just talk crap for an hour. Sometimes I get hardly any calls... and sometimes the phone does not stop ringing. Let me know if you guys want me to upload more shows.

This show was about facebook.

(and yeah - so now you guys know what I sound like)


p.s - you can download it from this site - ive compressed it so its really tiny.


Anonymous said...

You sound like David Attenborough's bastard love child he had with Courtney Love.

Parasputin said...

"are we losing our iman porking each other every day. what exactly is porking?"

respect bruv

Mohamed Karolia said...

Loved the podcast. That first caller sounded so scared lol

Muz said...

But R15 i really dont know why a person would make such a big fuss about AUD$2. Even your nephew would have more than that in Australia. Your other nephew would find 3 R5 one in his ashtray, one on his roof and one in his boot.

Muz said...

Appetizer is your nephew