Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Haikus for Famous Dead People

I enjoy writing these fun blogs where I get to mess around with different word structures and stuff. There is a word for this - But I dont know it. I should ask Kay - she knows these weird things. So anyway - When I first started my blog I did a Haiku post , and I feel like revisiting it tonight but with a slight twist. Tonight I want to try and come up with Haikus for famous dead people. If you arent familiar with what a Haiku is - its Japanese poetry with a specific rhyming structure - three lines. Five syllables. Seven syllables and then Five syllables.

Sylvia Plath

Plath, possessed,lost soul

heart filled with sorrow, sadness

lungs filled with stove gas

King Shaka

Great Warrior

Acute Military Mind.

Dingaan Put for Him

Malcolm X

Hajj opened his eyes

he lost his prejudice and

Yogi Bear Bow-Tie

2Pac Shakur

shot twelve years ago

four bullets in Las Vegas

new CD out soon

A few similar posts I did

I'l think of a few more during the day and post them up in the comments section. Please join me if you like. Great One and Mamma - I expect some from you.



Az said...

Hmmm...I wish I could contribute...but creativity eludes me at this time of the morning.

I'm also lacking the devastation necessary to publish my best pieces :D

Prixie said...

you're very creative

Anonymous said...

lol.. im loving it!

and im inspired, between sneezes... lets go c what i can do with this little bit of muse-matter

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Mamma (grrr) can only think of obvious ones:

Marilyn Monroe:

ooh what is that breeze?
happy birthday JFK.
i wish i found love.

Che Guevara:
shoot, you are only
going to kill a man, hey
i'm on a t-shirt.

Nooj said...

Famous is relative:

Rashida Ahmed
Yesterday Laudium bled
Get a gun, Zax says

(Zax is my trigger happy friend that protests against gun laws)

Anonymous said...

heath ledger

took one too many
stilnox, didn't leave a note:
so ends a knight's tale.

Anonymous said...

dearest julius malema

crazy, gunning yes
intelligent, o hell no:
got a G in math

okay so maybe it sounded better in my head :)


Crimson Shimmer said...

Beloved Rumi
Lover of the Universe
Universe of Love

excellent post and haikus! :)

Khadija said...

James Dean's fast car flames
Transitory fame into
more lasting what ifs.

and erm kay hasn't a clue what mj means :P

Anonymous said...


there will come a time
in the year two thousand eight
when i will be praised : )

Waseem said...

nathuram godse
infamy was his story
madar shot gandhi

amitabh bachan
kabhi khushi khabi gham
must make him feel dumb

M Junaid said...

Azra - lacking the devastation?

Prixie - thank you mate :)

Kimya - you didnt post any

Saals - thanks for indulging me :)

Nooj - Youre passionate about this, and youre right - it is relative. But come on - do one more - please :)

Blackolives - Awesome :D

Sarah van de Walt?

CS - Ta boet :0 I share a birthday with the respected Moulana

Khadija! You know it - you told me what it was the other day.

Charouchick - ta :)

Waseem - Big B isnt dead but a great Haiku nonetheless