Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Shiraz :D

(Originally this picture was going to be used for a post called Waeeem the Pimp and his two Hoes)
One of the highlights of blogging is that it introduced me to the Dawood family :)
Every Friday Night I have a routine - I go to Gateway with Shiraz, Waseem and Yuraaz - have supper, catch the latest movie and then head back to their place for Call of Duty, Smackdown, Halo and Viva Pinata.
Even though it has become routine I still look forward to it every week :)
Happy birthday Shiraz. Hope its awesome mate
P.S Mums Operation went very well - they discharged her a few hours ago. I'm really touched by all the well wishes and smses and stuff from my blogger friends. Thanks guys :) She has a patch/ cotton wool thing over her eye so i'm calling her Captain Jack Dajjal Sparrow .
Happy Deepavali/Diwali/Divali to all my Hindu readers.
My friend still has those three tickets for tomorrows stand up comedy with Dr Riaad Moosa if anyone is keen


Zahera said...

Didnt even know your mum was supposed to go in for an op :-( Hope she recovers very soon inshaAllah! Buy her some nice white barfi on behalf wontcha lad! :-D

Shiraz said...

Thanks dude. Birthday was awesome thanks to a very special someone.

glad your mums op went well.

I never noticed the fourth guy in that pic till now.....

M Junaid said...

zahera - i bought her some fruits from your side :)

Shiraz - thats my uncle Hamid :)

Zahera said...

Zahera? eek since when do you call me Zahera. Anyway- i said barfi man! No one besides this pregnant lady here gets to scoff the fruit! *points at self* i shall come and steal some from your mumsie.

M Junaid said...

yeah! I dont ever call you zahera! thats not my thing.

anyway - mum is diabetic :P
what cravings do you get?
poor Master of Chi - having to put up with you

Zahera said...

I replied to this! wheres my ruddy reply :(

M Junaid said...

yeah - i wanna see it