Thursday, September 18, 2008

Concerning Sharks

My little sister got married last month:) So lets blog about it.

A Guy liked my sister last year - goes to Yemen to finish Hifz and learn Arabic. They keep in contact via facebook and sms. Comes back on a Wednesday. Comes home that night with an informal proposal. Says he wants to marry her in October and go back to Yemen. So we chat about it - figure why wait and prolong the inevitable - she was happy, he was a good guy. So we got them married a week later.

Now, to plan a wedding in a week is hectic. Luckily my dad is in the event coordination business so we didnt need to book anything. Alhumdullilah, it went very well, and they are very happy together - at the moment they are staying in a flat near spur but will go to Yemen after Ramadan. I think Yemen sucks so I wont visit them, however, they plan to move to Dubai next September so thats when i'l drop in :)

Heres some pics from the wedding

Dad outdid himself with the stageNot to mention the Ceiling - The sides of the hall were draped and we had lights hitting mirrors on each table

My niece and nephew walking down the Aisle before I walk sister down

My beautiful little sister Shakira and my bro in law Anwar - and it looks like a strand of my hair got caught in the scanner. Oh - The other guy is our friend Zaahid who reads my blog, so this ones for you bro

Big family Shot with Mums family. My brother is next to me - below him is my lovely nephew Muhammed AzamBig Sister and I very teary eyed after 'we gave the little one away (notice the tissues and bloodshot eyes. I dont usually cry - It a very rare thing. Even when I saw my sister hug everyone I just smiled and waited my turn. Until I held her and then I just broke down. I know everyone in the hall was like Woah! I guess it all happened so fast that it only struck me then.



Anonymous said...

Wow! The wedding looks amazing! May Allah(SWT) bless your sister and bro in law with a long and happy life together! May he shower their lives with barakah and love :) Nice to see you back and blogging!

Anonymous said...

you're hot!

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

You guys came up with that in a week!
Yikes, impressive:)
I'm very weepy these days, could be the sick or the drugs, but I was thoroughly tearful at the last paragraph.

Princess said...

MJ WoW, is all I have to say. Marshallah everything look perfect. Sister seems really happy.

May Allah (swt) grant the couple lots of barkhat and happiness, Aameen

Zahera said...

ooh wwwooww! thats ssoo cool :-D I love stories like this- "yeh we got married in a week." Theyre just so cool!
She looks lovely (and happy)! mashaALlah. May Allah Ta'ala bless their union and instill love, rehmaa and understanding between their hearts! Ameen

Yeman sounds great! i wana move to Syria! inshaALlah make duaaaa! :-D

Nafisa said...

Sweet. Stage looks stunning... she must be Daddys girl? ;)

Unknown said...


i like the love. and the lack of delay. and the purple. oh, and havinf mj back.

Anonymous said...

:) wow! Now i know why it's - "We lead, others follow" :) m booking Azam Khan's for my wedding.. Haha! 0837865322-Yunus Khan, ryt? Lol.. MJ - looking good as always.. ;-) to the newly weds.. May Allah grant them both lots of happiness, love, understanding, patience, success, and contentment.. May He always guide and protect them and bless them with beautiful offspring.. Lol.. Kids! Aameen! Wish the same for u MJ, when u find that mutual love.. :) insha Allah very soon! Aameen! Peace dude!

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

these pics are super awesome. sharks looks like a model.. shes stunning! :) love the wedding gown... gosh: all this in ONE week? its an event of note.. hmm.. last i met ur dad was at nazia's wedding.. such an assuming dude that uncle younus.. but a mervin of sorts in his own right! :P

i miss u, brother of my soul..
hope this time away proves to be a source of huge spiritual awakening for you... wslm.

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

*un-assuming dude, rather :P

M Junaid said...

anon 1 - insha Allah Ameen. Thanks :)

Anon 2 - err. Thanks I guess

Saals - Im also holding a tissue in that pic :0

Princess - she is alhumdulillah :)

Zesty - Syria! why oh why

Nafisa - More like Daddies baby

M Irfaan - AAWWW :D

Binbag! Yeah - Advertise for my dad why dont you - That advert is good hey - everyone remembers his number

Kimya - my little sister is beautiful :)