Saturday, February 16, 2008

Concerning Passion 2

I started a new job this week.

I was offered a position at the Durban University of Technology (formerly D.I.T...formally formally Natal tech City campus) last week. Originally I didnt want to blog about it just yet as I wanted to tell a mate first, but now that I think about it - its no big deal.

So MJ is now a Media Studies Lecturer in the Journalism Department at DUT. I lecture first and second level media studies. I still have my ties with UKZN, and will continue to work as a researcher for the Culture Communication and Media Studies department. I'l also be giving a few guest lectures for the Media and Cultural Studies dept so look out for me there.

I'm going to get into advertising again, but work freelance with two companies. MYDL has been really good to me, so i'm going to write much more for them. Also signed up a few MC gigs. And finally do a bit of consultancy work with Nintendo. I'm putting my PHD on hold this year - I need to save up my money for that dream honeymoon in Malaysia, or Drakensburg.

What else? Oh Yeah - I need to cut my toenails.


MJ'S new office.


Anonymous said...

It has nice windows. I really like those wondows. I think...its better than the old ones.

M Junaid said...

hey anon

better than the last windows in the journalism dept or better than the last windows in my old office?

Thats kinda freaky - anon people who know the layout of my last office. MJ reads ayatul kursi and blows on himself

Anonymous said...

helo mj . Are u sure u want to lecture at DUT ? i dont know much about the place but what iv seen lately on the news looks terrible -stun grenades ,baton wielding policemen and hordes of primitive violent students with a major case of mob mentality. Besides from the pic your office doesnt look that great -with your talents dont u think can do better than DUT ? no offense or anything ....

M Junaid said...

none taken :)

that isnt the campus i'm on - my campus is very small - in fact on thursday i only saw like sixty students. the campus with the arson and mobs etc is the other one. mine is quite safe.

i make shukr with whatever God gives me, and by the way - if i get the permanent position my salary will be more than what a dean gets at UKZN - so thats something hey. currently im getting over three times what i got at UKZN. with less the work. Also - while personally i come from a theoretical bvackground - i find the practical components stimulating and i love my students - they are passionate about the media (second years anyway - but i'm working on the first years)

I still have to pimp my office with posters and portraits and family pics - but the lighting is better than my old one. also - i have a printer and my own phone now :)not to mention a much cooler staff room.

so - to answer your question - yeah - i am sure that i want to lecture there. thanks for the concern though

Zahera said...

The windows are nice?! :-/ It looks like a prison cell :-( I wonder how long it takes before it resembles a proper office :-P Come on Emmy dont let me down- thats way too neat and organised.

Reminds me of my office.. i had my own computer, printer, phone etc.. was all soo exciting. The view from my window was great too- swaying trees that morphed according to the season- aahh memories. My trip to mancs last week bought it all back to me, doubt i'll ever be going there again though.

I already knew about your new job but congratulations and best of luck anyway :-D

bb_aisha said...

Can i decorate it? :-0