Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Concerning Dads

My dad is much older than he looks. Right now he is at that age when he makes foolish decisions. If you ask my mum he has always been ‘penny wise pound foolish’. Thing is, he got too old too quickly it seems and I guess I just try my best to overlook his blemishes. He has given me more than I could ever wish for, and never a day was I ever in need of anything. At the same time he never spoilt me, and if there was one thing I could pass on to my kids is that one must not chase after brand names for status sake or be driven by material gain. My dad could have afforded to get me a fancy German car, but instead he got me a Tata Indica. I love my car. I don’t care that its only a 1.4 litre engine or that every second person has one.

The other thing about my Dad is how he used to drag me to the musjid (drag is a strong word but you get the point) and how he made me stand next to him for Taraweeh – at the time I felt it was so unfair as the other kids were all having fun outside, but as I grew I began to appreciate these little things. My dad has built his business from scratch and now it is a household name that is international.

When I started University, I was one of the few muslim students to choose Media and Communication Science as a field (after 9/11 though, it became really popular) and not a day did my Dad ever tell me to get into Commerce or study Medicine (OK – I wouldn’t have got into medicine but why spoil a good moment with a little thing like a fact) He was always proud of me, and he and my mum pushed me to get involved in different organisations.

So why the sudden post about my dad? Two reasons actually – firstly – I’m listening to a lot of Dawud Warnsby Ali and one of his tracks is called Duty to Parents and it has this widely quoted ayat

Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honour. Surah Al Israh 17:23

And while I have come across it many times, it stood out this weekend for some reason when I heard it on Dawuds CD. The second reason is that Dad was in the backyard on Monday, getting Papayas off the tree (I’d say orchard but I’d be lying) and as he reached to grab one, he cut his finger on the razor wire of the fence. That little cut just brought home his mortality . We always think that our parents are invincible – they aren’t.

I used to see so many of my friends parents in tears, helpless, because their sons were on drugs and were throwing their lives away. And I could have done something about it, but I didn’t.

Then one day I did. Sure, I ‘betrayed’ the code and all that shit, but I look at my friends now – clean, married with kids, and when I see them now, we both realize that there was a large possibility that it wouldn’t end that way.



Waseem said...

When you think of pizza, the first thing you think of is cheese, melted cheese to be exact. You think of hot slices where the mozzarella still hot, sticks to the rest of the pizza. This is the reason Debonairs has won, it follows basic principle of delicious pizza.

I would like to thank my BA, first of all, cos it was she who inspired those last few votes, which pushed us over the line. Every successful campaign needs a resourceful campaign manager, and she proved to be just that. I would also commend my rivals on a brave effort, more so Nooj, who in spite of the crap pizza she represented, managed to maintain respectability in her campaign and was incredibly gracious in defeat. To MJ, SUCK IT!!! I look forward to my pizza & COKE.

Waseem - Debonairs Alliance.

p.s. sorry for blemishing your touching post with this nonsense.

M Junaid said...

this poll thing really went to your head hey - poor bastard.

well - i win battles, not wars (yes - i know what I typed)

Im buying you a pizza only - now to find a place that sells them by the slice :D Maybe i'l be cruel and buy you a Kikis pizza - then we'l see if you really won

Brassballs, I never thought that this post will be touching, because wen i typed it I had one message - 'stop hurting your parents fuck heads!'

Nooj wasnt gracious in defeat - she bailed before the final hurdle. Kudos to your BA, the
'Vote for Scooters.

thing made me laugh.

Zahera said...

I love my dad :'( He's one cool dad.