Saturday, September 30, 2006

Someones getting Old!

Its my birthday today - 24 Years old! Dam, I'm getting old. Hmm - Lets see, what do i want this year. An Xbox 360, Season three to five of Smallville ( preferably DVD), someone to finish my thesis for me ( its torture) -- peace in middle east, end of poverty, nuclear disarmament etc etc. And before you ask.. its a jelly baby in my hand

Something interesting about my birthday - the day i was born - 30 September 1982 was the same day Cyanide laced Tylenol killed six people in Chicago- Poor Souls. Anyway - I share a birthday with my favourite Poet and mystic, Rumi, one of his poems is displayed at the bottom of my screen. Its also the death anniversary of two victims of Jack The Ripper


J said...

You were (are?) so cute! Feel like pinching your cheeks:) I'm a cheek-pinching granny!

How fitting, you being born on the same day that people took cyanide-laced Tylenol...

Anyway, we'll be seeing you soon, 1st floor, termite-ravaged door opposite the girl's bathroom ;)How poetic of me...

Oh, and you're not getting old, ok?We're still lyties! (Spelling...?)

luv u, bday boy/guy/man/uncle!(that's evolution for you)

The Cow AKA Joe

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday...
hey thanks for visiting my blog.
and i would really like to have that pdf file if u don't mind :)
email is listed on profile.
salaams :)

Sofi said...

happy birthday! ooo i love smallville!

Anonymous said...

Think i've already told you happy birthday like 4 times and all on mxit lol how lame but hey its done the job hasn't it?
anyway hope you had an 'interesting' day lol
I'll leav Joe to the cheek pinching i'll head else where ;)
but I think i prefer you corrupted mind my 'terrorist' ;)
lol lotsa love
keep terrorising the words
luv Zoe

Hasina Suliman said...

If i wish you happy birthday now...does it still count?
or is there an expiry or limit on how long after a birthday someone maybe wished?
Oh ok, fine! Eid Mubarak? :P

PS: kewt kid

M Junaid said...

i think the expiry is about a week. unless the wish is accompanied by a present- then my dear friend, you are allowed to wish for the next nine months or so.