Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Princess and her Nut

The princess and her Nut

Once upon a time there was this beautiful princess. And this princess was very upset because she had small breasts… so she cried and cried and cried. One day she was strolling through the woods and saw a squirrel trapped in a hedge. She helped the squirrel by pulling away the branches. The squirrel was so thankful that it scooted up to the top of the tree and brought her a choice nut. This was no ordinary nut. It was the Woolworth’s of nuts. The princess was so delighted at this gesture that she kissed the squirrel on the forehead. She didn’t know that the squirrel had rabies. And after kissing it, it leapt up and bit her. The princess didn’t live to see the next day.
The End


Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

happily ever after:)

M Junaid said...

Hi perfect princess- while the protagonist does share the same first name as you ( princess) unfortunately the story is not abouT you. This story is not meant to be allegorical - i dare say too many girls are concerned with their cleavage oR lack thereof. you know what- itS no big deal! Learn to cook- thats how you get a man! an adaption of what Chris Rock said - anyone can suck a D*ck. But apple lagan, that a whole different story

Hasina Suliman said...
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Hasina Suliman said...

Most bad things happen to Princesses after the first kiss.
Prince Charming turns into a frog, right after she kisses him

Kewl & Quirky Tale :)

M Junaid said...

prince charming never turned into the frog - he was always a frog - just waiting for the princess to 'give it up'. actually most bad things happen to a guy after the first kiss- he loses all rationality. This is closely followed by him losing considerably in the fiscal department. In a perfect world kisses should be given out like cell-phone contract flyers at the traffic lights. More kissing i Say! - Viva La revolution

Hasina Suliman said...

Urban fairytale, the frog prince revisited!

Removing the cellphone contract flyers from the equation, kisses at every red traffic light?
pre-requisite> 1 pouty lipped hunny or a bag of hersheys :)

Hunnies talk, but Chocolate sings:P

M Junaid said...

you take the chocolate, i'l tkae the hunny

Hasina Suliman said...

lol, kewl.

Just a kwik personal request.
Thanks for adding me to your listing of fellow bloggers,
but could u please remove my identity 'miss *insert surname*'
for personal reasons, i prefer the blogger alias i've adopted.
Thank you:)

r said...

nice one mj.. u are the inspiration =)