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MJ Reviews... Adega Express | Sandton City

adega express sandton city
Looks like the chap from Robin Hood
Schlotsky's (however the hell you spell it) has always held a special place in my thoughts - mostly because it was the first place that Kareema and I ate together. I was therefore surprised when I discovered that it had been replaced with an Adega Express (Just another example in a long line of food places trying to dilute a restaurant experience into a low commitment, quick turnaround fast food place - I'm looking at you Primi)

It ticked all the boxes (halaal, curiosity, proximity) so we gave it a go. The place was a little cramped - too many tables and chairs in a small space.

Now I don't like to stereotype but us brown people do have a penchant for economies of scale. Dineo was our waitress, and while she did not know the names of some of the menu items (in her defence, they have only been open for a week) her warm personality made up for it.

The food:

I ordered the Bitoque ( Grilled rump topped with an egg and served with chips) while Karee went for the safer 'Chicken Prego' option. My steak was tougher than trying to lip-read a purdah chick, while the chips had the texture of a frozen gherkin rolled in sand. I can't say that I'm a fan of re-fried chips. How do you mess up chips? That's like messing up a toasted cheese. Karee's prego roll was a touch  more impressive (the roll itself was the star, which was quite telling).

The one thing that really stood out (apart from the lousy food) was the salt and pepper shaker - Adega has a decent brand equity and they charge top dollar - why then do you have boring old table condiments. That's cool at KFC, but if you're going to charge me, then I want something I can grind in a therapeutic and flavorful way. I know its a small niggle but it just re-enforced that you can dilute a brand with little executions like this.

Do let me know what you think of the food - the menu is rather limited (they haven't installed their pizza oven, or microwave for the cynical among you).  I will give them a second chance, but in a few months, once the teething issues have dissolved.


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