Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Concerning Hippos

I did an informal survey with one of my PR classes a few weeks ago. I asked how many of them had life or home insurance. None of them had. I then asked if any of them remember the 'Hippo' ad to which the entire class started singing in unison 'You need the hippo. You need me baby!'.

Thats a great USP for any company, so Kareema and I started coming up with lame ideas for other companies who could jump on the Hippo Bandwagon.

Play along - but they have to be lame, and rhyme with hippo..

What do you do when you want to smoke and you need a light?

You need the Zippo!

Who do you call when you require a landscaper?

You need the Sipho!

What do you need when your chips are dry?

You need the Dippo!


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