Thursday, January 13, 2011

I shouldnt have to write this blog

I shouldn't have to ask grown men to be quiet during the khutbah.

There shouldn't be empty shoe racks while sandals and sneakers are scattered all over the floor

There shouldn't have to be six signs in the whudu khana reminding us not to waste water

There shouldn't be 46 inch flat screens when the Muezzin doesnt have decent shoes

There shouldn't be people who stand and leave immediately after salaam, walking out with their hands outstretched like they're carrying water, just so that they can avoid the rush. If the dua was so 'heavy', why not wait till its completed?

The toilets shouldn't be filthy and flooded

The Ladies facilities shouldn't resemble a prison cell. We shouldn't think we are doing them a favour when we 'let them pray'.

I shouldn't have to write this blog

This is not me being pretentious or holier than thou. This is me being despondent.


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