Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Concerning Bacon

I wanted to try and do an 'arrivals style video blog (but a parody of course) This is my first attempt at using movie maker and at making a video. Let me know what you think.

The New Pork Order
MJ Khan

Tonight i reveal the truth concerning the Illuminati's greatest weapon against the Ummah

The new Pork Order, has its roots in 18th Century France when Queen Marie Antoinette famously said, 'Let them eat cake'. The thought of eating a gelatin laden confectionery enraged the Muslim minority who up till then, comprised mostly of respectable soccer players, who would never swear their coach during a world cup game.

Having realised the power of psychological manipulation, the Elders of Bacon conspired to ensure that Pork be at the forefront of the war against Muslims.

They did this by creating a body called the South African National Ham association whose job it was to make sure that every product that is created contains Pig.

from soft drinks like Fanta where pigs are dipped in vats of the concentrated syrups, to traces of bacon in the lithium ion batteries used by many modern electrical appliances. Even the ceramic plates of your hair straightener is contaminated with swine.

The entertainment industry is saturated to references to the pigs, a psychological battle for the control of our childrens minds.

They have even created a replacement for oxygen called hamogen.


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