Thursday, January 01, 2009

Concerning News Anchors

I believe in four things only - that we shouldnt hurt anyone intentionally. That we should have patience with one another. That we must be true to each other. And I believe in Coke.

Heres a clip that my friend took off a small bit of me on stage. Because of the rain we had to move the performance inside. Junaid jamshed was being a Nob as usual and went way over his time, so everyone had to cut down their pieces. It was still great fun though and we only finished at a quarter past one. This is me singing a bit from Sing Children of the world by Dawud warnsby Ali. Its a collaboration with Nujumulayl. Three beautiful little girls from Johannesburg.


Khadija said...

:D mj, the new nasheed sensation!

All that's good for you in 2009 and beyond my friend.

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

well done dude:)
but i gotta ask, those pants?
what's with those pants?
or is it just the quality of the video that makes me see orange strips on them?

Unknown said...

lol dude I cant help agreeing with Saals- What's with those pants???

Well done on the nasheed and I hope you take more video's. It's funny hearing the song with that strong JHB accent from the girls- I think that they wicked. Young people are amazing.

Unknown said...

And mate- I hope 2009 brings all your dreams true

KiLLa said...

Those pants are awesome.. I have something similar to the effect.. Kinda like old school golf pants which I wear at arb times..

Will hope to see u in durbs next week..

Az said...

LOL...All the best for '09 BB. I feel a revolution in the air for all of us.
SO strap on whatever pants you have, just make sure its comfortable, and enjoy the journey :)

This year I will kick ass, figuratively speaking. This is definitely a time to Live.

bb_aisha said...

I've always wanted to be a news anchor. I've done radio-maybe I should try for tv. Think I can make it? ;-)
Scheherazade Safia is pretty. The guys at work think her voice is super hot.

Those jeans-I didn't even notice the orange in them when you wore them at ILM concert July 2007. My sisters did-I think the consensus here is girls are not fans of the jeans. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

to rejection and coke.. cheeerrriossss!!

M Junaid said...

Tala Al Badru Alaina rocked :) Then this little brat completely outshone me by reciting surah Mulk. he was really good masha allah. I only know about five ayats of it.

Emmy - they blew me away. Really talented little girls who perform very well live, and they are wonderful off stage as well. I just hope that they dont develop egos. it happens so easily when youre in this industry. the important thing is to always be friendly and aknoledge that without the audience you are nothing. Thanks for the well wishes emmy.

Killa - you justy likened my jeans to a pair of golf slacks. you bastard :). yeah - will be cool to have a blog thing next week. Strawberry milkshake :D

Chica - hmm. I dont see it that way. but i'l elaborate in a post. Can we not say strap on on my blog :D

Spijkins - First you say that sheharazade safla is pretty, and then you say you dont like my jeans. How can I ever take anything you say if you think Safla is pretty. Ive had supper with safla. I was two bites close to shoving my fork in her eye. Ok - so maybe shes not so bad as a person. shes kinda cool - but coolness is not necessarily mutually inclusive of atttractiveness.

that July 2007 concert was awesome. Even though I wanted to watch harry potter that night. Ahmed Bhukatir was awesome.

SK - If im going to be true to myself I should anticipate rejection. Coke and Rejection :D

KiLLa said...

Riaan Cruywagen.. SABC 2 news and possibly SA's anchorman of the past 2 decades..

And what was the name of that Good Morning SA dude.. He also did a Clientel Life ad.. Also a news anchor