Sunday, September 30, 2007

Concerning Buffdays*

Long Hair - check

Goofy smile - check

Building Sandcastles - check

It's comforting that some things never change :)


Thanks to everyone for the e-mails, sms's, grafitti, wall posts, offline messages, phonecalls and other forms of communication - MJ adores you all

(i'm the one in the middle - the other two were just actors who were paid to absorb the excess toddler awesomeness that i had)

* Yes - i ripped that straight from the vocab of Zesty - perhaps my dumbest title yet :P


safiyyamk said...

ha... im the first to comment...


may you have a blessed day with lots lots lots and lots of love in the next year :) mwah!!!

Zahera said...

:-D Im feeling ssooo smiley today and your post has just transform my grin into psycho grin now :-D Think i need to stop!

Happpyy BUFFDAY Emmyyyy :-D woohooo *zesty throws confetti and gets all excited* Hope you have an awesommmeeeee day and may awesomeness be yours in bucket loads! ;-)

Loving the pic! And the title is even better! hehehe.

J said... look a bit like Alfred E. Newman in that pic :D hey, in case you get defensive, I looked like Mr T when I was born and Roseanne Barr as i got older...

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Lol, the other boys in the picture have aborbed your awesomeness, yet do not reflect it themselves...I think that that phenomenon continues today; when I am in your company no one ever looks at me :D

Hope you are having a more than awesome day, and I wish you all the love and stuff in the world - everything you wish for and all the things you don't know you want yet. Lurrrrve from the !Joe!

Anonymous said...

You are 25? Dude no offence but u need to get laid! You a hardcore gamer, you have a blog which u couldnt do widout, n u hav a hairstyle from d 80's! Clean ur act up n get out there! :) i tort u wer like 20 bro. Mayb its a good thing...But u still 20 tootin 5!!

Anonymous said...

eppy bdddddday...
eppppy bdaaaaaaay toooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

lol :)

anon: why should he get laid? mj is awesome the way he is. :)

M Junaid said...

Saf - thanks so much:) yeah - here's to a great one

zahera - well - someone said muffday on OH blog - that was hilarious - was that you?

the mad magazine guy - hmm i see what you mean

anon - yeah - i'm 25, yeah i have a mullet, yeah i'm a hardcore gamer, yeah i have a blog that seemingly both of us cant do without and yeah i dont give a fuck what people think. no offence :)but thanks for the advice - i'l see what i can do - i should be married in a few years

fats - getting laid is easy - being awesome isnt :) thanks for getting my back

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday MJ!
Gaming is kewl, don't know about the mullet though :P

Zahera said...

yeh :-D that was me too! Like you, i am full of awesomeness! :-P

mazozo said...

Lol happy birthday man hope u had a good one ;)