Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Concerning Suits 2

You can't help buying the album, for the song. Only to realise that your expectations have been crushed as you attempt to salvage something that you'd only put on your mp3 player if its a bloody 80 gig ipod and you ran out of things to fill it with. It happened to me this weekend, when MJ purchased a 'Best of The Proclaimers' CD. I love 'I'm gonna be (500 miles) and I expected the rest of their stuff to sound remotely familiar, I mean - the evanescence and Zain Bhikha stuff i bought all sound the same.

MJ bought a suit last week, Ive always wanted one, and i figured sooner or later I'd need it, as i venture into some corporate whorehouse, or i actually attend a wedding where i'm the best man (missed two of those so far). Ended up mixing and matching from a bunch of shops. This shit is expensive as hell - i suppose its like the difference between a watch and a time-piece - serves the same function, but one costs a lot more.

Suits are rather impractical though - There are hardly any benefits for them, you cant play soccer while wearing them, forget about wearing a suit to a braai - all they are really good for is to make you feel more suave and upper class than you really are.


My dartboard said...

Cut your damn hair!

Cool suit and suits are perfectly functional, and makes you rise above the milk so to speak.
New rule, Suits for dinner when I come down. That includes the great Khali, aka Waseem.

Anonymous said...

U r gay aren't u? Wtf u listenin to pRoclaimers 500miles??? I can imagine u on stage hitting da high notes in ur suit wid ur long hair swaying hehehe

Ruby :) said...

i love a guy in a really smart suit.. you look very handsome!!

Ruby :) said...

oh yeah, and dont forget the smart shoes to go with the smashing suit.. hehehe

My dartboard said...

re: Anonymous -
another reason why blow jobs are better than vaginal sex. because an unplanned pregnancy is an anonymous blogger.

M Junaid said...

OH - Suits for dinner - fussy now arent we - as barney says - SUIT UP!

Thanks ruby - i need to get some nice shoes now

Dear anonymous (please consider this to be a response to all your ‘gay’ comments)

Firstly, I admire you for inserting canned laughter into your comment; luckily some of us can get people to laugh without such cues as hehehe and such. However, if the laughter text is simply apart of your writing style, I dread to imagine what goes on in your head, but I’d gauge its something like this (mj is gay hahaha I’m so funny hahaha)

For someone who is as homophobic as you are, its very interesting that you keep on coming back to read my blog day after day – perhaps it is time to question your own sexuality, I know that I am straight, are you?

Finally – you must be a real man for commenting behind the veil of anonymity – I stand by whatever I type; perhaps it is time you did the same. I appreciate that you read my blog, even if it makes you question your sexuality per se, what I don’t appreciate I is pointless libel bereft of truth or even some sliver of humour. Ive enabled anonymous commenting for readers who aren’t bloggers, but want to contribute to the discourse – not for immature guys whose mindset is characterized by gay, racist or ‘yo mamma’ jokes. While it is beneath me to suggest that you go suck a cock, I beseech you to keep it in your pants while reading my blog… wanker. Do not expect a response for your next comment. All you’re really good for is the hit count.


Anonymous said...

Hey mj i'm sorry dude. It's mo. Pav's transformers night? Anyways i tort u'd catch on but it's ok. I'll phone u later when i buy airtime. Maaf dude. For da record i'm not gay!

Anonymous said...

Shit man i took it too far. I don't know wat i was thinking. Someone hand me a razor. I'm going to slit my wrists. I don't have the heart to phone you. I'm sorry bro. Slmz

M Junaid said...

MO V my boy - no worries boet - ive had haters on my blog before, and trust me, i dont lose a moments sleep over it. mj can take love, and mj can take hate - what i dread is indiffirence.

all is forgiven - i just hope that in future corespondence - you add to the discussion, because i always love hearing what you have to say (please dont feel obligated to comment in every post or whatever) i'm just glad that you read my blog.

peace be upon you :D

Zahera said...

I.. am.. appreciatingggg youu Emmy *cough* ;-)

My dartboard said...

dude i think you're putting the fear of GOD into people. respect.

Anonymous said...

Ubeh Sexeh mj

Yummy ;)