Friday, July 27, 2007

Concerning Dads

I caught the latest Steers advert on the telly tonight (hope you guys watched 'As Good As It Gets' - Jack Nicholson is the man, and i cant see anyone replacing him - i mean, who do we have in the latest stock of actors - Michael Douglas - one of the Baldwins. yeah sure) Anyway - Back to Steers - it was for their 'Rib Special', and it got me thinking - you cant have ribs on a first date - they're too messy - it'll create a bad impression. I think that they'll be good for a third date though (well - the last time i got to a third date with someone was back in October 2001, so what do I know:P) The same goes for other messy food, basically anything that makes you look like a retarded toddler trying to shove an entire pineapple down their throat.

My Dad is 64 today. I love my dad, with his quirky ways, and twisted sense of humour. i remember asking him once about the day I was born - he looked me in the eye, with this serious face ( the kind of face that parents put on when they are examining the phone bill with a highlighter) and said, " Son, The day you were born, i was really hungry, so I'm not even sure I picked up the right baby, so you gonna have to take my word for it OK" before returning to the paper with a smirk on his face.
My dad can switch on the television, flip through channels, start watching a movie from half way - have no idea whats happening, but will refuse to change the channel. Then fall asleep five minutes later. He is the type of dad who won't buy you a chocolate when you're at the mall with him, but will make sure that there will always be a stocked up pantry at home.

Dad and Zahraa

I'm going to watch simpsons tonight - if any guys are keen, let me know ( no girls- well except sibling - she's cool)

Happiness is knowing what you want, and being content with not having it.


Nooj said...

transformers was more realistic than seeing humans kill each other but i wonder can the average adhd kid follow 2 hours of galacticity....also in my day the heroines were tomboys in pigtails or girls next door not gorgeous ho' nephews' viewing will be censored!!

Waseem said...

I am a clumsy person, so I usually drop something on myself, even things that are not usually messy. So my girl will have to accept me as I am.

Your definition of happiness seems right, because it would explain why it is so difficult to attain.

qdee said...

i like your dad!! he too sweet :) like you. cant you share him?
miss you hunnybunny!

Zahera said...

Dad's are ssoo cool! :-D I love mine to bits! He's quite quirky like yours actually- very sarcastic at times too.

My dartboard said...

man that's a class comment. i got to remember that just to FUCK with my kids. like letting him use the car before he get's his licence and then report my car stolen by armed hijackers.
man that will mess him up. i plan to be a cool dad.

r said...

ham you are so twisted.

mj why the sexual discrimination?