Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Concerning Blasphemy

My three year old niece started pre-school this year. Well, she was in a play group last year, so this year she gets to use crayons i guess. I remember nursery school - marie biscuits, tea and naps, what a way to spend life. She also started madressah classes, so on the way to my cousins wedding on saturday, I ask her hows madressah (she's really bright for her age - at three i was probably still trying to say dada and mamma!) and shes like 'Junaid mamoo, they teach me about the prophets and the books and Allah-Paak. So i asked her if she learnt any Kalima's, and she rattles of Kalima Tawhid (the first one). Then comes the translation
'There is no god but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad says sit back and enjoy the show'
I love my nieces and nephews


safiyyamk said...

lol thats sooo cute... it amazing what kidz say when they at that age

Anonymous said...

Aw so cute!

My nephew couldn't say "Alif", he would say "Police!" and he gets thrilled when we teach him the Arabic alphabet simply because it has "Hamza" (his name) in it and so he makes us repeat "Hamza" a million times.

And both nephews insist that you are only allowed to read Kalimahs at night when it's time to sleep. It's not allowed during the rest of the day. :/

Kids are too much! I'm going to have a fun-filled week when the hyperactive one (Hamza) comes to visit.

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

haha, watch out fatwa-dealers.

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

That is THE LIFE!!! the real world hasn't been met.. and all that prevails is innocence. But the world shall be met, God willing, and the Kalimah is a good start to finding the purpose of this journey.

The promotion from play group to nursery school is from crayons to those funky pastel crayons - they leave your hands feeling funny.

Hope the marie biscuits were buttered, else it just kills the marie biscuit and tea experince.

M Junaid said...

Off course they were buttered boet :) its blasphemous to eat them any other way - god intended it to be so. welcome to my mind :) make yourself at home - ignore the persistant cynicism

Hasina Suliman said...

Kids say the darndest things:)

Was playing with a friends 2 yr old,
i tickle her tummy
'What's this?' i ask,
and she replies...

Zahera said...

lol! Kids, you gotta love em- they say the most innocent things! Oh and the most honest too :-)