Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome to Luigiana

The 'Animal Crossing' blogger challenge is underway so here are my thoughts from the first few days.

The first challenge I had was naming the town I was going to manage. Having spent the afternoon in Boksburg, that name seemed apt (somewhat underdeveloped and full of strange characters) but I  decided against it in favour of a Nintendoish one. After rejecting Gerudo Valley and Hyrule,  I settled on the portmanteau 'Luigiana'. After high-fiving myself for being so clever I went about being the best dictator/mayor I could be.

With that done, it was now time to oppress my constituents and exploit all natural resources, so I started a gentrification process by moving all flowers to the front of my house and over-fishing to deplete the food supply. Mo Fuhrer does have a nice ring to it.

Please vote for me by clicking on this link (via a desktop PC) and click 'Like' under my photo. By doing this, we can both stand a chance of winning a limited Nintendo 3DS XL.

No really. Please share this link with friends and help an MJ out.

'Mo Fuhrer'

Monday, July 15, 2013

Concerning Animal Crossing

Readers of this derelict blog will know that I am a massive Nintendo fanboy, so when the company approached me to take part in an Animal Crossing challenge, it was the purple turtle shot this blogger needed.

Over the next few weeks I will be (in true MJ fashion) documenting my Animal Crossing shenanigans so expect quirky observations, anarchy-fueled decisions and more. And best of all, readers of my blog stand a chance to win a limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL just by supporting me on the Nintendo SA Facebook Page.

Let the fun begin!