Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadan 2012 - Week one

I need a place to collect all my Ramadan thoughts, concepts and ruminations. I like the word Ruminations. Its like Rumi without adding 'beloved' to everything.

Have you noticed how much stuff gets retweeted without references in Ramadan? The shayateen might be locked up, but the haters are out in full force. Oh well. Thanks for taking credit for my 'Concerning Taraweeh characters' akhi. Let's write it off as sadaqah. Let's change the tone of this piece. It seems angsty. But its not. So here are a few thoughts from the last few days. I will be compiling them once a week, maybe. 

Sometimes the saffs fill up like tetris and we wait for a skinny child to fill the gap


"This Hafez reads too fast", "This Hafez reads too slow"..Great! didnt know I was reading tarawih next to Goldilocks.

This one is dedicated to the Legend himself, who is now a synonym for the word 'calm'.

 And just when you thought it was over...