Friday, July 29, 2011

Inappropriate Call-Me's

We drove past an 8ta billboard promoting its free call-me service, and Kareema and I started reminiscing about the time we used to get flooded with call-me's (before BBm and whatsapp came along) Mxit was around back then, but you had to log in to see messages.

For those who don't know - a call-me is the text equivalent of a collect call. The format of a call-me is similar across all networks with the occasional advertising message thrown in to sponsor the text. They all start with 'Please Call' and give you about 10 letters to pop your name in.

So we played around with this and thought of a few inappropriate ones - feel free to add as long as the letter count does not go over 10 letters.

Please Call 'Nani died'

Please Call 'It's over'

Please Call 'You're fired'

Please Call 'Talaq'

Please Call 'I'm Pregnant'