Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ruminations in the age of Animal Crossing

One of the most frustrating things in Animal Crossing is when my constituents ask me to hand over my freshly caught fish (especially the rare ones - no one asks me for sea bass). It is a tough one really, as on one hand I could get 9000 bells for it (or more if it is the special of the day) but on the other hand, I am terrified of said charity-case leaving my town.

I would love the inhabitants of Luigiana to pitch in and help my pay for a bridge, fountain or even a small park bench. Am I the only mayor who has a town full of mooches? Sometimes, all I want to do is fish (and not use it as a means of paying for a police station). Zelda: Ocarina of time was great in this regard as it just let me fish for fun. The more I play Animal Crossing, the greedier I get because I want to pay of that lamppost, I want a bigger house, I want, want, want!

I also have to deal with nosy folks like this guy, and while I do feel sorry for him (we all feel insecure at times) I would like to think that my town is inclusive and loves all, furry and unfurry.

As you could tell, animal crossing has shifted from being a fun bit of escapism to an integral part of my day. The competition ends on Friday but I know that I will be playing this well into the festive season.


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