Sunday, August 18, 2013

How Afrihost helped me survive the Zombie Apocolypse

Afrihost has a great twitter competition running at the moment, so to separate myself from the pack I am going to write a blog piece on it. I want to win!

They are launching a mobile data offering and would like to know why we would need #Afrihostmobile. I imagine it would come in handy for the pending zombie apocalypse. I would use it to access my GPS for google maps, check-in to Facebook to alert my friends to my whereabouts, and to download appropriate apps like Plants vs Zombies 2 and the Walking Dead. 

Here are some pointers for when the apocalypse comes to Mzanzi:

Luckily, years of load-shedding has prepared us for the eventual black-out. Candles at the ready!

Leave your weave behind! Ain't nobody got time fo that!

Its no use spending the afternoon at Makro stocking up on Koo beans if you don't have a can opener. Plan wisely.

Contrary to popular belief, playing Die Antwoord at a loud volume is not an effective zombie deterrent. try Danny K instead. 

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