Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome to Luigiana

The 'Animal Crossing' blogger challenge is underway so here are my thoughts from the first few days.

The first challenge I had was naming the town I was going to manage. Having spent the afternoon in Boksburg, that name seemed apt (somewhat underdeveloped and full of strange characters) but I  decided against it in favour of a Nintendoish one. After rejecting Gerudo Valley and Hyrule,  I settled on the portmanteau 'Luigiana'. After high-fiving myself for being so clever I went about being the best dictator/mayor I could be.

With that done, it was now time to oppress my constituents and exploit all natural resources, so I started a gentrification process by moving all flowers to the front of my house and over-fishing to deplete the food supply. Mo Fuhrer does have a nice ring to it.

Please vote for me by clicking on this link (via a desktop PC) and click 'Like' under my photo. By doing this, we can both stand a chance of winning a limited Nintendo 3DS XL.

No really. Please share this link with friends and help an MJ out.

'Mo Fuhrer'

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