Monday, June 11, 2012

When Muslims take over TV

I can't believe that its been a year since I wrote my When Muslims invade Hollywood blog.  Time for a quick follow up.

There seems to be a lot of money being thrown into various sectors by rich oil Sheiks (The English Premier League remains a good example) so what if a bunch of rich Jamaat brothers decided to take over TV. I can imagine a few of the shows would look like this

Johnny Barelvi
 This show will follow the exploits of Johnny B, a naath loving, kheer drinking muscular guy whose catch phrase 'Oh MAZAR' should be familiar to any salaami standing audience.

The J Team
 This show will be about four brothers who go forth in the path of Allah, travelling from town to town in their Black and Red Corolla correcting people's deen and bringing them closer to Allah. The teams muscle, BA Barakah will be responsible for much of the laughs including his catch phrase, "I aint eatin no jalebi"

The T Word
We can take their horrible 'L word' show and make a soap opera out of it - T standing for Talaq.

Band of Brothers
This mini series captures the angst, drama and triumph as a small jamaat make their way up to Laudium for the Annual Easter Istima.

Modern Family
No, there are gays. cancelled!

How I met your mother
This one day, at Halqa...

American Idol
Shirk. cancelled!

The Oprah Winfrey Show
Women! Cance...hmm ok, we will keep the show if she promotes Fazaail Amaal as book of the month. Every month.

Jozi Shura
This weekly magazine show will weigh in on all the important matters that we contemplate on daily, like 'How big is fist length' and 'detailed miswak techniques'

Men Performing Bid'ah
This will be a take on the popular British series, 'Men behaving badly' and will zone in on many erroneous practices that have crept in over the years. Guaranteed to be a barrel of laughs.

Chime in with your own suggestions :)

(This isnt an attack on any subcontinental school of thought. I dig all the respective  walking and all the standing you guys do).

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Unknown said...

Game of stones - where pagans are pelted to death

How I Met Your Mother - 1 episode where the main character arrives at his wedding and meets his wife for the first time. His kids are conceived the same day.