Sunday, September 25, 2011

Questions on LU 2 - photography

Media and Journalism Studies –

Photographs taken by a PRP can appear in ‘in-house’ publications, press kits, photographics library, archives, slide shows and displays/exhibitions. Familiarise yourself with these different platforms.

There are three types of cameras – you are required to have a cursory knowledge of these. (You might want to also have a dictionary so that you understand what the word cursory means)

Page 54 deals with The Jargon of Digital Cameras – this might be important for column questions (include in your list of jargon- words like aperture etc. What I suggest you do is compile your own list of camera jargon and practice those terms – include different types of photographs on page 77)

There are three directions when it comes to lighting – this can be a 5 mark question

Planning your photographs (page 72) Make sure you know your 5 W’s and H.

Nel (2005:310) gives some guidelines for the PRP who takes photographs – have a look at these (page 75) There are more general tips on pages 90 – 92)

There are five tips for the PRP who works with professional photographers – check it out (page 79)

There are 8 factors that contribute to Good photographs – LEARN!

Make a quick list of photographic opportunities for the budding PRP (940 This will help you out with the 5 W and H.

Goldstein (cited in Nel 2005: 45) provides a checklist of 11 criteria that PRP’s can use to double check for a good caption (page 105) Browse.


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