Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Concerning Ramadan 1432

My first Ramadan as a married man.

I feel that Ramadan is something that hits me - like a burst of water from a faucet. Cold water.

I am never prepared for it. I could probably let it run for a bit but I feel like im wasting it. The water, not Ramadan. Ramadan coincided with my promotion at work, so its blessed, but also more challenging. Luckily I have Corpsekicker with me, as I dont think I would enjoy Ramadan alone. Is it bad to say that my Ramadan calendar is actually a Countdown to Eid calendar?

I miss Moulana Yunus Patel.

He is one of the things I associate with Ramadan. Him, samoosas, radio Al-Ansaar, milkshakes, no tv, and my dad taking me to the musjid for taraweeh. I miss my dad. I cant imagine how my friend feels without his. Spare a dua for his dad, and mine. I'l spare one for yours.

Taraweeh in Joburg is weird - because you layer up for the cold, but inside its warm and brotherly. The Sandton musjid is like that - soupy. Speaking of which - I'm never taking naan for granted again. my local checkers does not stock it. Clearly the 'breads of the world' sign needs a rethink. More like breads of France.

I don't use the word faucet - i don't know why I typed it. Tap suffices.


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Unknown said...

Your dad came over for Iftaar today and we chatted about Taraweeh. It seems he has quite a posse (I hope I spelled that correctly). I think it is great because when you go in a group, then you are less likely to feel lazy and not go. I speak from experience yet I am not running out and finding a group :)

I have not had Naan with my Haleem yet, not for want of trying. It appears that these Haleem distribution guys are hogging all the naan. Just does not feel like Ramadaan wihout it. This weekend I am going to a distribution point just to get a naan.

I remember my first ramadaan as a married man. I thought it was amazing ( not sure what Themesha thought) because you are truly yourself at 4 am in the morning. No facade.

Enjoy the rest of Ramadaan and we miss you in Durban.