Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Muslims take over Hollywood

My wife complains that I am only writing Muslim humour pieces so sweetheart, I promise this will be the last one I write for a while (the next one will be about advertising practises in South Africa)

This post is inspired by a conversation I had with Masood. Imagine if some wealthy Arabs bought the rights to some of the biggest movies, and wanted to islamicise them for local audiences.

May the fardh be with you - Hamid Solo (Empire strikes back)

You had me at Salaams - Dujana Boyd (Jerry Maguire)

I love the smell of Attar in the morning - Colonel Bilal Kilgore (Apocalypse Now)

Ijtihad, my dear Watson - Shakeel Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)

They can take our lives, but they'l never take our Izzat - Waleed Wallace (Braveheart)

This one time, at mias farm - mashooda flaherty (American Pie)

But why is all the zamzam gone? Captain Junaid sparrow (pirates of the caribbean)

What we give in sadaqatul jaaria echoes in eternity - Maqmoodimus (Gladiator)

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