Friday, August 27, 2010

Concerning Rotis

In case you haven't heard of the King Khan


The original comic is from cyanide and happiness. All I have done (like my other cyanide and mj comics) is change the text.


That Mash Guy said...

shame we never made it to have a King Khan

Aasia said...

haha, thats why I love you :) brilliance once again

Shak said...

Funny, but a credit to the original strip too would have made this even better. Cyanide rocks, and the more people who read it the better :)

M Junaid said...

I usually credit them for every second comic I do. I've been doing it for over two years now so I just assume people know that I'm ripping off cyanide and happiness. But as you point out, I should pop in original credit on each one. I'm vehemently against plagiarism and wouldn't want my homage to be taken as anything like that

Anonymous said...
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