Monday, July 26, 2010

Ode to O-tees

I just had a bowl of O-Tees for breakfast. They are delicious!

Versatile little buggers. You can even eat them without milk. Cant do that with all-Bran.

I've always been a cereal kind of guy - Not because of the health benefits or anything like that - Just because its easy to make. I always choose the simpler option. Then again, kids dont care about healthy eating. I didnt eat my coco pops because they contained Vitamin B6 and Niacin - I ate them because they were chocolately and made the milk brown.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... but not if its a toffee apple. But thats the thing about being a kid - you dont care about brands. Well, except Coco Pops. Because the moment they changed the name to Choco Crispies it didnt taste as good. I dont know what it was - Maybe the extra syllable. Luckily it reverted to Coco Pops so yay. I remember the adverts with the monkey, and he had all his jungle friends, but they made the crocodile a dick. I felt sorry for the crocodile, because that punk monkey wouldnt share any coco pops with him. No good monkey, polluting the rivers with coco pops. I'm #teamcroc.

Then came chocos, and that was crap. Mostly because it never got soft enough so it would always hurt my palette. I hated Chocos.

I think Fruit Loops are O-tees Drug addicted cousin. That Pelican looks like its on LSD. I used to read a lot of Archie Comics so I always wanted to taste Cap'n Crunch.

Whats your favourite cereal?



Dreamlife said...

Used to be caramel Coco Pops. And Strawberry Pops, sometimes.

Unfortunately, those kinda cereals don't have much nutritional value for an I have a sugar problem, so now I'm on Jungle Energy Crunch.

Fahra said...

Special K, and I don't eat it to loose weight. I just love the taste

Americanising Desi said...

u had sehri before ramadan?
or r u makin up for fasts missed?

Humayda said...

Coco-pops-warming of milk optional,no need to add sugar."Can't do that shit with All-Bran". Enough said. Your blog is legend, glad I discovered it.

Sue Me said...

Milo cereal...they didn't make it back then...

Samina said...

Dude, as kids, we were never allowed any sweetened cereals. So I OD'd on O-tees at campus.

Hardcore rebellion like that is what worries my mum every day.

Unknown said...

Pronutro. Coz early on I realised I could have it on-the-go in drink form, and any meal that didnt interfere with my schedule rocked! Even as a kid :)

M Junaid said...

I need to try this Milo cereal!

I feel like ive been missing out on something