Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Concerning Domains

I am the king of and the sand throne people.

So I finally went out and got myself a U.R.L (say it with feeling) Well, I didn't really go out anywhere - I just sat in front of my pc and tried to figure it out with Corpsekicker (shes awesome :D). She suggested I use a company called Texo. Wonderful company and a pleasure to deal with. Theres this guy named Steve who was really helpful and answered all my retarded domain questions.

So, why the change from to

Firstly - just look at that name - quite a mouthful hey. Thats what she said (she being your mum).

Blogger has been good to me over the past four years (they haven't deleted any of my posts or anything. Ok, maybe I have low expectations and stuff) but blogspot doesn't really convey uniqueness. I'm not saying that because I have a different url now. Its just something I've always felt but never got around to changing.

Its like getting a business card from someone and seeing a hotmail address. Doesn't exactly instill confidence in the brand. I bought a griller last year. The packaging was done using WordArt in Microsoft Word. As Vin Diesel in Chronicles of Riddick would say, 'very Skittish'.

Business cards are cool. Especially when you have something stuck in between your teeth and you dont have a toothpick. But im sure they serve other purposes too. Also - its easier to give out a business card then asking someone to add you on mxit. I wouldnt know what to put on the business card though.

Some people put these fancy quotes. The ones that all end with the same word - Anonymous. Theres no such thing as an anonymous quote. Just statements where people were too half-assed to find out who said it.

Coming back to my sand throne pic - it was taken at North Beach. There are these guys who make these awesome sand sculptures - really talented fellows - they have recreated a few of the stadiums amongst other homages to the Soccer World Cup. The only problem is that Fifa is a bunch of assholes, so if anyone from Fifa saw the stuff they are creating, instead of helping them out through monetary means or giving them some cool clothing or what not they will probably bitch about brand infringement and request the city Police to hose it down. Its difficult really. because on one hand I'm thrilled that I get to experience a Soccer world cup, but on the other, the Fifa Gestapo aren't doing much in terms of empowering those who need it most. It would be naive and wrong of me to neglect some of the Social Responsibility initiatives that Fifa have kickstarted. But thats like being raped in prison every day but saying 'Hey, at least now I have time to read The Lord of the Rings'.

I want this to be a World Cup for everyone. For those sitting behind the goalposts, and for those behind the margins.


btw - You don't have to change your links - everything will be directed here :)


Aasia said...

says in coloured accent "em soooo heppy!"
N<3 B<3L<3

Waseem said...

it's funny how people see hotmail accounts for businesses and think someone is unprofessional but are totally cool with gmail. Those are double standards.

That Mash Guy said...

is that why you wanted the picture so soon?


Unknown said...

Did you guys meet in SA?!

I'm not jealous.


M Junaid said...

Aasia - as that nob Sean paul says

we be burning, no concerning something something (he mumbles here)

Waseem - its because Gmail is the bomb! i wonder if I can get a Naah - i'l stick with my mediajihad gmail.

Mash - Everytime i see that pic I feel for fudge!

Rani - Yeah - This pic was taken 15 minutes before performing asr on the beach :)

KiLLa said...

hotmail and gmail in my eyes are seen as unprofessional in a businesscard..

Congrats on the URL.. May it bring u many hits as it does BJ's