Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why some people should not watch The Arrivals

The Arrivals is the big new Youtube series that everyone is so keen about. I watched the series last year and I wanted to articulate a response to the series. This, however is not it. This is for all those who take everything that the Arrivals says as the Gospel and start looking for signs that are not there. Here are a few examples.

All Famous female Celebrities wear Red at awards shows to symbolise that they are part of the Freemasons

Arrivals Geek: OMW! Ash is a freemason. Thats why she married Mr Bachchan. They want to take over the world with an army of one billion Indians!

MJ : No dude. Shes just some chick who likes the colour Red. You know what else it symbolises right? Passion, Love? You are going to tell me the person who got a bit role in Pink Panther 2 is going to take over the world? You'd have more luck convincing me that two lab mice are plotting to do that.

The Chequered Floor represents Freemasonry

Arrivals Geek: Oh Gawd! Chequered floor. Told you that Rowling was a freemason!

MJ : No idiot. They are standing on a giant chess board.

Unexplainable Fog covers cities that are friendly to the Freemasons

Arrivals Geek : Notice the constant fog in this videogame. Basically its all about Freemasons and how their evil chi is blanketing the land

MJ : No you retard. The fog is because of the graphical limitations of the Nintendo 64

A secret group of Lizards called the 'Babylonian Brotherhood' created and controls everything in the world
Arrivals Geek :This is exactly what David Icke was talking about when he spoke about a race of lizardmen who control the world

MJ : Actually this is just a shot from Conan the Adventurer, a popular childrens cartoon from 1992, but then again, you are like what, 14? How would you remember shit like this when your head is filled with all this conspiracy nonsense. BTW - Icke is an idiot



That Mash Guy said...

they're showing this on a pakistani satellite NEWS channel.

a fucking NEWS channel.


M Junaid said...

Epic fail!

Unknown said...

What I don't get is, how do people get to be so gullible that they believe any bullshit that comes their way. I love it when the Dubai comparisons come up and some of the SA Muslims shake their heads in moral self-righteous indignation.

PS.Do you ever sleep?

Anonymous said...

It's a mixed bag, I think - because while there's a LOT of conspiracy theories in the series; there are truths as well.

I hope to write about it soon.

By the way, do you have any idea of how popular (or 'talked about') the series is right now? (I ask because you said it's a "new" series - but from what I remember, the dates on the episodes are from the 2nd half of 2008).

corpsekicker said...

Read taineechan, the neverblinking cynic of note's take on it

Waseem said...

I used to love that conan series, the starstone stuff and the phoenix on his shield. They don't make cartoons like they used to.

neverBlink said...

also, if u watch it,that annoying music will follow u around for days..

it's like ur paranoia has a theme song

M Junaid said...

Sajid - its all about presentation. I sleep on sundays.

Dreamlife - The popularity is new, the series is old. I watched it last year. However - its become the new big thing as all the muslim radio stations are talking about it, hence 'new'.

Similar to the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) cartoons. published in Sept 2005, but only big in Jan 2006.

And yes - I am also of the opinion that there is some good in it as well.

Corpse - checking it out now - thanks for the link <3

Waseem - yeah, I used to love it too. Conans phoenix > Dumbledores!

Neverblink - Dude - I love Clint mansells stuff :) But yeah - they chose the best possible theme music.

Antonio said...

Never seen it. Never wanna see it. It all sounds so dumb.

Anonymous said...

I heard about it last year. Never watched past one episode.

Didn't have the time nor the patience after that.

I'll only have a proper commentary once I've actually watched it. If I ever do that is.