Monday, March 15, 2010

Theory of Funny Gaming Moments

I really enjoy my gaming. I would choose gaming over most things really. If you are passionate about a specific medium, some moments will stand out more than others. You know those moments when you just put the controller down and say 'wow'. I also like the moments that make me laugh audibly (I didnt want to say lol for some reason) I hardly give a hearty chuckle so when a game makes me laugh - I remember it!

My title is a homage to this bitch. Happy birthday Buddy - Hope you get some head, or some chicken wings.

So - These are twenty of my most memorable or funny gaming moments (not in order). I'm typing this as I wait for Corpsekicker to wake up so I might omit some. But I will keep adding to the comments section as I remember. Feel free to add as well - (Yes Waseem, you can add your final fantasy nonsense ;)

1. Def Jam: Fight for New York - I maintain that this is the best intro ive ever seen for a videogame and no game has ever pumped me up like this

2. Metal gear Solid 3 - when Ocelot reveals that he was Adam in the credits. Blew my mind.

3. I completed Uncharted 2 this week. One of the best games ive ever played. Two moments stand out amongst the countless gems - The first one is the scene in Nepal where you are trying to outrun a Truck. Its the first time I saw the game, and I knew I had to buy it immediately. The dialogue in the game is the best ive ever heard in a videogame, and there is a scene in the end where Drake says to Flynn, "Hey you, asswipe, give me a lighter" . Its just hilarious and I still laugh now when I think about it. Ten minutes later you are exploring a catacomb with him and see this hideous skull sculpture and you say "Hey look, a statue of your mom".

4. Rainbow Six Vegas. I was playing coop mode with Yusuf Moolla and we enter a room with three bad guys. We shoot the first one which alerts the other two and they take cover and start blind firing at us. Then one guy tells the other guy 'cover me', and that guy says 'fuck you, cover me'. Loved that moment :)

5. Singstar vol 2: Another memory with Yusuf Moolla. The first time we tried singing the Paul McCartney and Frog song as a duet. Bum Bum Bum Baa-iyaa

6. GTA Vice City - The first time you hijack a bike and Billie Jean starts playing. Win!

7. Bioshock - When you are told that you have been conditioned to obey everytime you hear the phrase 'would you kindly'. Woah. Also - The opening scene - when you swim up to the surface and everything around you is in flames and youre not sure if you are in control because it all looks too beautiful to be in game.

8. Assassins Creed - The first time you climb The Dome of The Rock only to see Islamic calligraphy around the Dome. Loved it

9. Assassins Creed 2 - When your uncles greets you with the unmistakable 'Its a Me a Mario'

10. Pro Evolution Soccer 10 - The first time you score with a bicycle Kick followed by lots of jumping and gratuitous crotch grabbing

11. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Inputting a code so that you can play Pong with a mate.

12. The Suffering - I think this was the scariest opening ive ever played.

13. Modern Warfare - The first stage in the middle East - When you storm the tv Station (including the scene before this when they kill the President)

14. Onimusha 3 - Opening scene - Monsters attack France. Awesome.

15. Bards Tale - Hilarious dialogue that makes fun of all these dumb RPG's that are out there.

16. Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time - I'd like to say everything about this game is awesome, but if I had to choose one it would be when you leave the Chamber of Time and everything around you is destroyed.

17. GTA 4 - The TV stations were hilarious. My favourite programmes were 'A history of Liberty City and Republican Space Rangers. Loved them.

18. NHL Blitz: Youre getting ready to cream some Random American team in Ice Hockey. You still have no idea why there are so many penalties, and all of a sudden you hear a remixed version of Zombie Nation blasting out of the speakers complete with the entire crowd doing the chorus. Pure awesome.

19. Prince of Persia 3. You finish the game, kill the last boss and you are still haunted by your evil alter ego, so you end up fighting him and nothing really happens. And after a few minutes you realise that the only way you can kill him is by walking away. Loved it.

20. Ratchet and Clank 2 - When they test the crotchitizer out of Captain Quark

So thats my twenty. If I think of more i'l pop them in the comments section. Let me know which are your favourite moments.



corpsekicker said...

Max Payne 2 - I love how they used the Dick Justice TV show to poke fun of their own monologue from the first Max Payne.

"The rain was comin' down like all the angels in heaven decided to take a piss at the same time. When you're in a situation like mine, you can only think in metaphors."

Apparently, "Dick Justice" was what Remedy was originally going to call the character. "I imagine they felt it lacked a certain subtlety so they went with Max Payne instead."... See more

KiLLa said...

Thanks boet..

I love commentary in Fifa 2008.. When John Motson says "He cant hit a cow's backside with a banjo"

Also the Leisure Suit Larry genres provide loads of dry and cheap humour.. Always a win for me..

What about the Who Wants to be a Millionairre on PS2. When u get eliminated quotes.. They class..

Best one is in afrikaans tho.. "Jy's doff, fokof"

Anonymous said...

Most games I play are sports game, so my favourite moments are particular goals or whatnot over my friends. I like #11 on your list though :)

Unknown said...

haha those moments where amazing junzie...other good moments - playing mario tennis on Wii and getting all the mad powers and destroy the ball..good fun..

some antique moments - Duke nukem3d - Ill rip off your head and shit down ur neck (or something like that) and then he does it at the end.

Also I remember fifa 08 - when u tackled an already injured player, the commentator said "gosh that tackle was so hard, it hurt his whole family"

SecawanPelangi said...

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Anonymous said...

Man! This makes me miss my Xbox!