Friday, March 12, 2010

The MJ Show - Hoaxes in the Muslim Community

Had a lot of fun doing this show. I mentioned the Mxit hoax but didnt get a chance to elaborate on it. Here is my initial blog on it. You might be wondering why I mention that i'm on trial. Its because I havent been giving a full time slot like last time. I dont blame them - I do talk about stuff that might seem controversial in nature - I dont mean to be controversial, it just so happens that I work for a conservative radio station. I'm lucky though - I do get away with quite a bit :)

If you have come across any more hoaxes, please let me know in the comments section and we can discuss it :)

Like all my podcasts, you can download it if you want to listen to it at your own leisure - ive compressed it so its pretty small. Here is the link. For everyone else, especially Corpsekicker, here is the podcast. Enjoy :)



Anonymous said...

Didn't hear it, but as you might remember from my post on this a while back, these hoax / out-of-context things are a real irritant.

A few months back I got one about some bizarre whale-killing ritual; which is supposedly about the hunting of pilot whales on the Danish Faroe Island as a right of passage.

Turns out that was a hoax:

Perhaps many people are just too lazy to research things - and it's much easier to just click "Forward".

corpsekicker said...

<3 You're awesome too.
Guitar fish are super cool.
Can't wait to go sight seeing in the Drakensburg now.