Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Concerning Greatness JHB Tour

You might have heard of them

You might have read their blogs

You might have even seen a comment on your blog


This is the serious part - you are cordially invited - I dont really know what cordially means but I know that Cordial is like a juice or something, anyway, you are invited to join MJ and Waseem, or Waseem and MJ for supper when we have our Awesome JHB Eating tour aka Easter holiday weekend thing.


Where is this concentration of awesomeness taking place?

Rosebank Spur. After Maghrib on Saturday (3rd April 2010). So thats like 6:34 PM or 6:30 PM if you skip Nafl like MJ

How do I get there?

Do I look like i'm from JHB? MJ suggests you google map or garmin or ask Nafisa

I am a vegetarian, why did you choose Spur?

Have ice cream

Will I be able to touch Waseem?

Waseem has requested that he eat in peace, however, you can touch him before or after meals) but please do not come between a waseem and his Malva

Are you guys like the most awesome bloggers in Durban?

We are in the top 25000 definitely

I live in Cape Town/ east London/ Butfuknowhere.. why have you invited me for a JHB blog meet?

Because you are part of our incestuous group and would like include you in the hopes that you pitch up

Aww, thats sweet. i will be there in Spirit. Is that ok?

Thats all well and good, but doesnt help with logistics - aka booking - so if you are confirming, leave a wall post saying that you are coming.

Is this something like King of the Plate?

Well, Spur with waseem and Mj can give you that impression. But without Hamish it cannot be King of the Plate - because there will be no loser then.

Does this mean I have to wear a suit?

No no no - please dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable, yes Killa - this ones for you

Why am I still reading this dumb FAQ?

Do I look like Prof X to you? I dont know why.

Whose paying for all this?

Pay your own bill - this isnt a walima.

If you have any more questions you can post it on the fb group wall or on my formspring. I'm kidding - the wall works just fine


p.s Happy Birthday Chica. Hope it was awesome :)


Az said...

Thanks for the invite but I won't make it. Saturday is my cousin's birthday and they're throwing a joint party for us, so I'll probably be dancing on a table somewhere :P

Unknown said...

Douche, you're so gay for JHB. And thank God its not a halloween party. That whole bobbing for apples game would have been ruined if ...

Zahera said...

yaaayy im really looking forward to meeting Waseem :-P

KiLLa said...

Its my Birthday party night.. But i will come for supper..

That Mash Guy said...

I'm in your city from 22nd - 26th so we need to hook a munch up in Durban... got the wedding that weekend too so dunno when though.

M Junaid said...

Azra - no worries - we will be in jhb until monday so if you want to hook up - you have our cell numbers.

OH - we cant do bobbing for apples with you - I havent seen barrels that low to the ground - we'd have to use pig troughs.

Zahera - bring ABDULLAH!

Killa - I dont give a fuck what night it is - make your ass available

Mash - Just pitch - i'l sort out the rest.

M Junaid said...

hamish you bastard - will miss you at this one

M Junaid said...

Thanks to all who attended :)

Unknown said...

Haha..your FAQ's are LOL's