Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Thoughts on Humpty Dumpty

For some reason I was thinking about Humpty Dumpty tonight. Now ive dealt with my own interpretations of nursery rhymes before and humpty in all his clumsy glory has come up, but tonight I was thinking about it from another angle

Just out of curiosity - who would have been able to put Humpty Dumpty together again? The Kings men and the Kings Horses failed epically - but who would have been able to help? The Doctor, The Chef, The Builder? Humpty was doomed the moment he got on that bloody wall.

Which begs the question - Why did Humpty get on the wall in the first place? Was he feeling suicidal? Was he looking for attention? Was he protesting? What was his intention?

Perhaps Humpty read the Majlis and found out that his mother was from the Rainbow farm, and not certified halaal and this shocked him and he committed suicide?

Another theory could be that Humpty grew tired of the 'which came first' philosophical question (obviously its the Chicken but I wouldnt want to argue with a large anthropomorphic egg) and decided to make a statement of sorts.

Eggs are notorious for turning rotten so perhaps Humpty was just being a bit rebellious and he balanced on the wall in his James Dean Jeans and t shirt. Rebel without a gauze.

Maybe he met Neo who told him that the world is a computer programme designed to fool us. Just maybe, 'there is no wall'? Next time you'l take the blue pill.

But enough about Humpty - All the kings horses and all the kings men were there to help him. All of them? How many men does it take to put an egg together? Were there no wars? or Security concerns or anything like that? And what were the horses supposed to do? If anything, i'd imagine they'd make matter worse. Hooves and all that. You might say - hang on MJ, youre being a bit silly, horses are there for transport. And while I consider this entire exercise to be pointless and would agree with you... then why mention the horse? I mean - in modern times we wouldnt say All the kings porsches and all the Kings men, now would we?

I like the idea that even though all the incompetent men were there, they still couldnt put Humpty together again. It reminds me that sometimes we cant repair whats broken, we cant just pick up the pieces and make it whole again. Sure we can try. And we must try. But sometimes we have to wipe the yolk off the concrete and move on.


P.S - Horses cant fix shit

Wall 1 - Humpty 0


Unknown said...

Excellent post. Great humour bundled in with a lesson in life. Nice.

Americanising Desi said...

uffff... and he speaks!

Khadija said...

A psychiatrist! Once he sat on the wall a psychiatrist should immediately have been called to cajole him to disembark carefully. He wasn't quite whole even before he fell I think.

Az said...

Reading this is like watching one of my kids grow up :) Great stuffs. I'm proud of you. Seriously :)
Some of your finest work here...

Nooj said...


Work in Progress said...

Agree with Azra, some of your best stuff here. Really enjoyed reading this :)

M Junaid said...

Sajid - :) Thanks buddy :)

AD - How are you my dear?

KAY:D! - I dont think he was right in the head. I blame his folks really - they named him Humpty.

Azra - aww :) you melt my jaded and mwah hating ass :)

Nooj - I rub my hands gleefully ;)

Wip - thanks Zubby :)