Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Mwah Generation

I'm sick of the 'mwah' generation.

I really am.

Maybe i'm getting too old. But ive never ROFL'ed or LMAO. I dont feel the need to distinguish my laughter into different categories of intensity. LOL works just fine, and if its just mildly amusing i just :). And in a bid to one up, theres all these new laughing acronyms - this guy told me the other day that he ROTFGFITADOAL - I was like, what the hell is that, and he's like 'Rolled On The Floor, Got Fingered in the ass, died of Aids laughing'.

How do I respond to that? apart from deleting his dumb ass. And ive been doing alot of that recently. Call me fickle or jaded but I just cant stand this mwah generation.

Ive been having alot of incidents with bitchy chicks as well. Young, messed up bitches - heres one of the conversations - I'm not hiding the name - I dont care. This chick asked me if I had a girlfriend and then after that said she has someone for me. Lets pick it up from here.

Mary January 8 at 11:22pm

Okay I lied I dont know her but I heard from someone, a good friend of mine, who knows this girls friend that she has a big crush on u. She worked at the souk 2009 a few days I think at the islamic exibition. My friend and I think she is a little bit of a loser, but u can see, she is so old and has braces yeuch!. Im doing this as a joke, but we want to see her reaction when she finds out. (*EDIT* 'I removed The Chicks name and the chicks number - no benefit in mentioning this - Dont mention me she doesnt know me! Lmao let us know!

Mary January 8 at 11:23pm

Reply a.s.a.p

Mj Khan January 8 at 11:40pm

That is cruel and i'd like no part in it. Slm

Mary January 8 at 11:48pm Report

Its not. Really.

Mary January 9 at 11:19am Report

Okay the loser and joke and old comments im sorry for but thats just our opinion. Shes about your age with glasses and braces, it is a little strange? The rest is all true.

Mj Khan January 9 at 3:45pm

it is a cruel and malicious thing to do . to anyone.

Mary January 9 at 4:30pm Report

To do what? I apologized. Im not doing anything anymore. I just thought u should know.

Mary January 9 at 4:32pm Report

And anyway she would never have known, so its not like being cruel to her face. Anyway

Mj Khan January 9 at 4:42pm

you dont get it, do you. its not whether she knows or not. its the principle of the matter.

i have no time for childish games.

...And shes not the only one. I have at least five different experiences dealing with these bitchy teenage girls.

Maybe I am too old, but if someone tells me 'sup' every three minutes on mxit, I will delete them. I call them the mwah generation because after everything they say, they insert a mwah. mwah this and mwah that - its bloody irritating. Mxit Conversations sometimes go like this

MJ is online

qtpie786-zn : sup mwah
MJ : reading a book
qtpie786-zn : what book mwah
MJ : Its about how tobacco was the catalyst for a global economic system
qtpie786-zn : O ok, sup?
MJ : I just told you what im doing. What are you doing?
qtpie786-zn : lib
MJ : Cool. didnt know youre into reading too
qtpie786-zn : huh
qtpie786-zn : Oh no. Im lying in Bed. mwah
MJ : Do you end every sentence with a mwah?
qtpie786-zn : No I dont
MJ : I'm off. slms
qtpie786-zn : OK mwah

MJ is offline.

And its not just the girls - all these guys are doing it too. They'l meet someone and its 'ASL Mwah? OK - so you covering age (thats important - you dont want to chat up a 15 year old girl) you got sex (I think the S stands for sex? you dont want to chat up another guy) and youve got location (whats the point of chatting up a chick in Mozambique - youre not looking for friendship - you want action) The MWAH could be helpful too - Married? Widowed? Available? Horny? I need the married filter - because three quarter of the chicks in my 'net' or hunting ground are married, and contrary to what your mummy might have told you - MJ does not break homes.

And another thing - stop bloody passing off other peoples shit as your own. Its a douche thing to do. Sometimes i'd see a status update and I know that person ripped it off from the net. Its ok to use quotes and stuff - but dont take credit for it. And im not being pretentious here or anything - ive always been a stickler for referencing. Dont pass off other peoples stuff as your own.

This is getting a little long, so i'l stop now and pick this up another time.

So to all those materialistic, bad grammar, superfluous bitches out there - Grow up. The world is bigger than you. Stop being so consumed with yourself and try to make the world a better place.

I'm too old for this shit


feel free to add stuff.


Unknown said...

you hint at it, but there's an overwhelming directive they undertake to have the most excruciatingly pointless conversations, ever. and the sentences get shorter as they go along.

and on the occasion you're feeling charitable enough to engage, it seems like you've become the burden in the conversation and they're doing you a favour

her: slmz sup?
me: pretty well, been having a testing day dealing with contractors today
her: lol
me: erm, okay, thanks for the overwhelming sympathy, whats been keeping you busy?
her: lol, nothing. mwah
me: what're you up to at the moment
her: nm.
me: any plans for later?
her: nt rly.
me: you're well though?
her: fine

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the world would be like withOUT online chatting and mxit....

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more

That Mash Guy said...

a few months back some random girl called me from a hidden number and her and her friends then chatted to me for around 30mins.

They were trying very hard to be enticing. and I chatted a bit to pass time.

the conversation ended when the main girl asked if I liked her voice and I said .. your friend sounds better. giver her the phone.

she hung up :)

Khadija said...

Hear Hear!

Nafisa said...

Well said.

Thank god I don't have to deal with the "mwah" generation.

sham said...

dammit, I must be doing something wrong! no girl tries to chat me up. :P

On another note, the girl who tried to play such a cruel ' joke ' should be neutered.

Anonymous said...

Sup MJ? :P hahhahaha.

I can't stand the mwah generation.

It's like, 'Oh i don't know what to say, so I'll just add a mwah over here'.

I can handle it if it is from some teenaged female I actually know..but before I was married I used to get these guys that used to use the 'mwah' on me. Perhaps they thought because they had an effect on teenaged girls, it would have the same effect on me?
I don't know.

I had a variety of responses:'Ew! Germs!' or 'Go kiss your mummy!' or 'Don't kiss me freak, I'm not your wife!'
That would end the conversation speedily :) I didn't feel bad about it.

The sad thing is that it's become so automatic today for this new generation to use it.

Another thing:
I cAn'T StAnD iT wHeN tHeY tYpE LiKe ThIs.

Girls are mean and the level of bitchiness increases with each generation.

I fear for our kids.

Az said...

"lol" at Irfaan. lol has gone from denoting some amusement to a conversation filler. I called them "the next generation of idiots" a while back and I always think of that towi guy and I quote "towi is like sowi whch stands 4 sorry".

I still maintain that you'd never go up to a stranger and kiss them, so I don't see why people do it online. I also think its incredibly gay for guys to mwah strangers every 2 seconds.

My convo's went from:
him: hw u hun, mwah
me: And you are?
him: oh hee hee, i jus wanna b fwends hee hee
me: What are you? 12? I don't have friends that can't spell.
him: u meanie :( lol
(two days later)
him: mwah hee hee


him: mwah
me: fuck you

Work in Progress said...

The consensus is that we are all too old for this shit. (Ok, I confess I've been known to LMAO at times.)

Thank god I haven't had to engage in conversation that was punctuated with mwahs in a very long time. That's probably because people like that usually get deleted from my gtalk or facebook.

Sadly the mwah generation is largely a bunch of people without the intellectual capacity to have an actual conversation with half decent grammar and spelling.

M Junaid said...

irfaan - :) Great stuff

Dreamlife - It would be pretty cool because you'd cut down on all the pointless shit - smses cost money!

Humaira, KAY:D!, and Charmed - thanks :)

Mash - Youre a legend. I need to e-mail you a facebook message exchange between a chick and I yesterday

Sham - welcome. Maybe its because you have a bare blog ;P

Fatima - youre worried about your kids? I have to choose a wife from this lot

Azra - your guy sounds gay.

Wip - I cant shower you with meaningless mwahs - you are spoken for :)

Waseem said...

fuck 'towi', whoever says that is retarded

Aasia said...

In my defends. I try to keep my typed mirth as close to the real thing. So sometimes hehehe, never hee hee. but hahaha or snigger. and the occassional lol! have you heard the afrikaans coloured mxit lingo
WMJ -wat maak jy?

Az said...

Waseem - I still can't get over that. WHO decided baby-talk was in?

On another note, I like LMAO and ROTF. There are some things that 'lol' does no justice to & comes across like a stick in the arse.

Az said...

Oh yeah, and my favourite one is LKL - Laugh Kak Loud. Afrikaaners will get it.

Zahera said...

loooolll@ EmJay and Azra! The best are the ones from Pakistan... they just amuse me! I had one guy add me because he liked me name.. i was like, "yeh get stuffed."

Unknown said...

Agree wholeheartedly. What I don't get is, when did LOL become an acceptable filler word. if you go back 15 years (giving away my age), LOL would generally be used on IRC to denote something moerse funny.

teen: sup. lol. = How are you? HAHAHAHAHA

I'm sorry but if you go around laughing out loud to everything, you need help. Fast.

I agree with WIP. It says a lot about the intellectual capacity.

I've been hugely impressed with the maturity and intelligence of all you bloggers out there (take a bow, i think i mentioned this to Saaleha a while back), but seems the future doesn't bode well for tomorrow's mwah bloggers...

Another thing that irked me was the anomaly of the so-called #islam on IRC 10 years ago or so. I shudder to think what it's evolved into now...

Lady T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady T said...

This was fucking funny!

This is how my conversation went:

Him: Mwah
Me: Whats that? (knowing full well what it was)
Him: lol it was a kiss
Me: So you kiss strangers?
Him: lol well its not real
Me: okay, please don’t do that, I think its disrespectful
Then he went on about something stupid thing and at the end of the conversation

Him: Mwah Mwah Mwah, dont worry I'll make you use to it. hehehe
Me: Dude, I'm serious, I have stopped talking to people because of it.

Note: that he did again, after I specifically asked him not to. Needless to say, I don’t speak to him anymore.

As for the lol...I have an observation...
In University we did the whole conversation styles between men and women.
When men and women speak, men often dominate the conversation, and when listening to a woman, they listen but give their own opinion on the subject while she is talking. Women tend to listen first and respond once the guy is done and they are often more encouraging, like nodding their head more often then men and saying; yes, I understand or really?
Could the lol, not have been used as the nodding of the head or really? In order to encourage the male speaker and make them think that they are interested in what they are saying? Boys adapted the same thing also in order to encourage conversation. So actually, its not something new, just used as a substitute. Just a thought!

Sometimes I think I use lol too much, but I only use it when I think something is funny.

For this Mwah generation, the concept of plagiarism is completely lost on them. I blame the internet, because there is really no boundaries to information, or ownership.

SheBee said...

what I'm desperate to know is:

What the HELL does this "slmz" stand for? Slums? Shit Like Moms Zucchini?


RidwaanR said...

I was watching some stand up comedy with family the other day. Punch line hits and my 16yr old cuz goes, LOL. He SAID LOL, he didn't laugh like a normal person would..

Unknown said...

Hahahaha. Top one.